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Exam stress

We understand how difficult the upcoming exam period can be; you will be juggling with revision, essays and exams. We are here to support you through your studies and will be posting news about what is available for you in the coming weeks.

Summer fund

Are you concerned about struggling for money during the long vacation? There is help available and you can apply via the Student loans and hardship team. Visit us on the 3rd floor of University House and keep checking back here for details of when the fund opens.

Lone parent’s entitlement to welfare benefits

If you’re a lone parent you could be eligible for funding over the summer vacation. Please call into the Advice Centre for a full benefit calculation, to make sure you are getting everything that you’re entitled to.


Are you happy with next year’s contract? If not please bring your contract in to be checked and discuss your issues in confidence with us.

Leaving your current accommodation

If you are leaving your house this summer, please don’t forget to leave the accommodation in a similar condition to when you moved in. Remember to take note of meter readings of your utilities too, in case of any disputes. A good tip is to take a photo of these reading to keep as evidence. Also don’t forget you can claim a refund on the last quarter of your TV licence if you have had to purchase one.

Student finance deadlines

Have you applied for next year’s funding yet? If not please log onto your student finance account and make the application. The longer you leave it, the higher the chance of your payment being delayed in October. So make sure you get your funding on time!