Student Officer Team

There are five Student Officers elected annually:  President, Education Officer, Activities Officer, Welfare and Community Officer, Sports Officer.

They are full-time paid representatives who take their position for a year.

Each officer will contribute to the work of the Union Executive Committee (UEC) in ensuring the collective voice of our student members is heard by the University, the local community and nationally.  The Union Executive Committee (UEC) consists of the Student Officers, who are responsible for implementing the vision, mission, values and strategy set by the Board of Trustees. The UEC focuses on representing students.

Essentially, UEC is there as the operational decision making body for the six different zones in Hull University Union. The Sabbatical Officers act as Trustees to hold each other to account, approving small amounts of capital expenditure and changing/improving the governance structures of Hull University Union. UEC is used to support other Student Officers, increase communication across the union and, most importantly, to represent students. When policy is passed, it then goes to Union Council for approval.

Student Officer Team

Osaro Otobo

Osaro Otobo

 01482 466278
[email protected]
Salman Anwar

Salman Anwar

Education Officer
01482 462064
[email protected]
Caitlin O'Neill

Caitlin O'Neill

Sports Officer
01482 466256
[email protected]
Jennie Watts

Jennie Watts

Welfare & Community Officer
01482 466259
[email protected]

Part-Time Officers



Governance Zone

Kym Cardona Councillor for Scrutiny

Welfare & Community Zone

Tom Barnes

LINKS Officer


LGBT+ Officers

Hayley Hatton Trans* Representative

Maria Majekodunmi

BAME Officer


Women’s Officer

Jessica Clunan

Disabled Students Officer

Ruth Williams

Environment and Ethics Officer

Jordan Ben-George-Navarro

Councillor for Scrutiny

Education Zone

Ashley Pattison

Mature Students Officer

Adam Clifton

Part-time Students Officer

Rebecca Devine

Postgraduate Research Students Officer

Lauren Williams

Postgraduate Taught Officer

Stefan Caluser

International Students Officer

Steven Storey

Faculty Rep Faculty of Science and Engineering

Katie Hobson

Faculty Rep Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education

Amelia Smallwood

Faculty Rep Faculty of Health Sciences

Activities Zone

Rayne Goddard

Chair SEC

Tom McNamara

Chair RAG

Katie Wilkie

Societies Council Rep

----- Councillor for Scrutiny

Sports Zone

Nick Wright

AU Presidents' Rep

Maisie Loggie

AU Members' Rep

Natasha Wilson

AU Secretary & Communications Officer


Governance of HUU is carried out by a Board of Trustees. This includes the five Student Officers, four external Trustees selected for their skills and experience, and four elected Student Trustees.

The Board meets approximately four times per year to coincide with important times in the planning and reporting cycle. The Chief Executive acts as Secretary and advisor. The Board concentrates on planning for the future and positioning HUU so that it can continue to meet the needs of all our student members.

External Trustees


Stuart Ferguson

University of Hull 1994-1997, BA Hons History

Head of Investment London Waste & Recycling Board

Stuart has spent most of his career financing and supporting UK businesses across the charitable, public and corporate sectors. He has recently been appointed as Head of Investment at the London Waste & Recycling Board, an organisation dedicated to delivering the Mayor of London's strategy to improve waste management and position London as the centre for Circular Economy investment.

Prior to this he was Head of Fund Management at Big Issue Invest, a leading Impact Investor, investing in and providing strategic support to UK based charities and social enterprises such as Sheffield Futures and HCT Group. As part of the management team he was responsible for positioning the organisation as a leading Impact Investor, helping to lead development of Social Impact Bonds in the UK. Stuart spent most of his career at Lloyds Banking Group having initially joined as a graduate trainee and ultimately assuming a senior position responsible for managing £5bn worth of assets. Stuart has significant Board level experience over the last 10 years, often helping to implement operational growth strategies and navigate businesses through difficult change management processes.


Gaius Powell MBA

University of Hull 1984-1987, BA Hons Politics

Gaius is a freelance business development and marketing consultant with almost 30 years’ experience. In his last in-house role, Gaius was the Director of Business Development for £375m annual turnover professional services firm, Pinsent Masons LLP. During this time, Gaius led a global team of 80 people. Gaius has spent most of his career in the professional services sector, holding a range of roles including Head of Client Development and Marketing Manager. His early career was spent as an Account Manager with a full-service advertising agency.

Gaius has experience of leading and delivering on strategic change initiatives as well as the mentoring and development of individuals. Gaius has held many voluntary roles, including being a Parish Councillor for South Cave Parish Council and positions with Humberside St. John Ambulance and JCI (Junior Chamber International). During his time at the University, Gaius was elected as Chair of Educational Affairs, and was the current affairs editor of the “Hullfire” student Union newspaper.

He also holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Student Trustees

Rebekah Greaves

Management & Business with Professional Experience Placement & Foundation Year

Being a first year undergraduate student studying Management and Business and the course representative for Management has inspired me to become more involved with HUU. Becoming a course rep enabled me to be aware of student needs and what they want to gain from our university. It has given me the opportunity to communicate with both students and academic staff to ensure the student voice is heard and to think strategically about solutions for any issues or improvements to the course.

During my time in education so far I have embarked on a range of roles and experiences which have developed me as an individual, gaining skills such as the ability to work effectively within a team, exercise independent judgement and be selfless with decision making. I was able to demonstrate these qualities as a student ambassador at my secondary school and also as a midday supervisor, responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of pupils. I have also been gaining valuable business experience whilst working for a manufacturing company where the ability to think strategically and good organisational skills have been key aspects of my role.


Madeline Holden

BA Politics & International Relations

I have gained significant experience relative to this role through my time in secondary education where I was heavily involved in the student voice, firstly as part of the academy council and later when elected as Head Girl in the Sixth Form. Working with the senior management of the academy to represent students and implement policies I was able to develop a wide range of skills including leadership and teamwork and an ability to think strategically.

I am very organised and completely dedicated and passionate about any role I undertake. I have the ability to exercise independent judgement and think critically and believe I am selfless and have integrity – qualities that I will bring to the board as a student trustee. I have enjoyed my time here in Hull and would love to give more back to the student community through HUU.

I look forward to developing skills as a student trustee whilst creating the best experience possible for the students and ensuring the views and ideas of the students are heard.


Andrew Paluszkiewicz

BSc Biomedial Science

Since beginning my first year BSc Biomedical Science degree, I have become a member of the Bioscience Society football team as well as taking on the role of first year course representative for the Biomedical Science degree. This involves me liaising with students and academic staff to promote the positive aspects and solve the issues within the course and it has given me a good perspective of what students want to gain from our university.

I am currently in my first year of study at the University of Hull and represent my fellow students as a course representative for Politics and International Relations. Attending course rep forums has helped me to understand the governance structure at the university and develop my communication skills.

I want to help achieve the Union’s objectives by providing a student view on HUU decisions so that the interest and welfare of us students are at the heart of every decision made. From the diverse array of activities and sectors I have involved myself with, I will be able to contribute positively to the HUU aim of acting as a channel between students, the University and external bodies with the relationships I have made.  The amount of opportunities I have participated in has inspired me to help HUU achieve their objectives to provide “cultural, social, sporting and recreational activities, opportunities to volunteer” because I understand how increasing our experiences can act as a catalyst for achievement.


Kathryn Sharman


I was previously on this executive committee for the Isle of Man Handball Association and was greatly involved in the direction and vision of the club, as well as having a role in financial and strategic decisions. In this position I made decisions that were objective and for the benefit of the club and its players as well as ensuring the good governance of the committee. I believe my experience in this role has given me the necessary skills to be a student trustee. .

I would greatly enjoy becoming more involved with HUU, especially from the unique perspective of a student trustee. I would enjoy working as a student trustee for the benefit of the Union and students and feel that from my previous experience I could excel in the role of a student trustee. I am looking forward to being in a position through which I can ensure the good governance and advancement of HUU.

In addition to my role as Student Trustee I am also the current school rep for Law.

Student Officer Trustees

Osaro Otobo, President

MSc Cancer Imaging & BSc Biomedical Sciences

Before being your President, I was an elected Student Trustee and an AU Club President. I want the voice of all students to be prioritised above all else to achieve the student experience you all deserve because EVERY STUDENT COUNTS! .


  • Give students confidence in HUU; more clarity on how HUU works, improve communication to ALL students and better awareness on how HUU can benefit you.


  • More promotion and visibility for campaigns and events, across campus and online.
  • Celebrate Student Success – highlight motivational stories of current students and alumni to provide inspiration for all.


  • Wider variety of events tailored to ALL students throughout the year.
  • Stronger support and funding for ALL clubs and societies of ALL sizes.
  • No lectures after 12pm on a Wednesday – give ALL students the afternoon off!


  • Give a comprehensive electronic employment guide to ALL final year students tailored to their course.
  • HUU volunteering – boost awareness of the different volunteering opportunities at HUU, the importance of the skills you develop and the positive impact it can have in gaining employment in the future.
  • Liberation – give particular focus on students in minority groups and those looking at restricted career areas to give them an EQUAL fighting chance at employment.

Salman Anwar - Education Officer

BA Politics

Having helped lead the No to NUS campaign I know how disconnected students often feel from the Union, that’s why I want to make real change as VP Education. Education is at the centre of every student on campus, and I’ll put students at the centre of everything I do by making a number of changes.

Lecture recordings; I want to make lecture capture a more common practice across the university. Most other universities have it as standard, to give students that fall ill, have childcare commitments or have to miss a lecture for whatever reason a chance to catch up on their work.

Reconsider mitigating circumstances changes; the changes to the way mitigating circumstances are handled by the university has caused real concern amongst students, especially those with mental health issues. I want to signal that I’m ready to listen and hear students’ concerns and reconsider the changes that put unnecessary stress on students.

Campaign to defend International Students; Due to the uncertainty around Brexit and tougher rules and rhetoric on immigration I want to campaign to defend international students by working with ISA, the local council, the university, and government to secure commitments on issues such as the right to remain and freeze international student fees.


Jennie Watts, Welfare and Community Officer

MSc Business Management & B???

#HUUSaysNo has shown me we need better welfare across university life. Whether you are part of a liberation group, the AU, a society or a student focused on their degree, your welfare should be the number 1 priority of your VP Welfare. We can do this in three ways;

1: Integration of welfare; working with both the union and university to ensure every single student's welfare is accounted for in their studies and general university life, I will fight for you and the issues you believe in and work alongside the zone to provide any support they need. My commitment to sports and societies during my undergraduate and postgraduate at Hull has shown me the importance of welfare within all areas of the union. Working in RAG for 3 years has shown me the generosity and kindness of students, what you care about and the issues that we need to support.

2: I fundamentally believe that our students’ union should be influenced by students. I will introduce weekly drop-in hours to encourage students to raise any of the issues they feel are important in a safe and welcoming environment. As well as this I believe there is a need to go to students and communicate with them directly by taking facilities to students in all halls and faculties.

3: I will build our relationship with the local community by getting students involved. Regular food and clothes bank collections and facilitating support services in local facilities would provide opportunities and also encourage student safety off campus.


Caitlin O'Neill, Sports Officer

LLB International Law

Joining the boxing club in my second year, throwing myself into training and socials which led me to run for social sec was the best decision I made. Being on committee, a coach of a big club and a member of Pole Fitness, a small club finding its feet, I understand the different needs and problems both big and small clubs face. After conversations with friends from different teams, I started to notice recurring problems and how, if given the chance, I would address these issues. I was interested to be more involved in the AU and have a better understanding of how sport on campus works.

As Sports Officer my policies will be built upon 3 fundamental ideas. Recognition, Integration and Communication. By referring back to these I will be able to:

  • Ensure ALL teams receive the recognition they deserve for their efforts so that all members of the AU know how we’re doing as a whole
  • Bring teams together, get them involved with one another and support each other so our AU can thrive.
  • Provide support to ALL teams, be that backbone to help secure sponsors, promote fundraising events, organise a fundraising week for all teams to get involved with so we can bring money back into the AU.
  • Ensure no team feels neglected and get the intramural league more involved.
  • Improve communication between teams, the AU Exec and the SFC by making myself more available and easier to contact.

Sport at Hull has huge potential, and with the right support and guidance, we can see every team thrive.

Liberation Campaigns

Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic (BAME)

The BAME Committee exists to voice the concerns, address the issues of, and improve the educational and social environment for Ethnic Minority Students in Hull at both undergraduate and graduate level.

The Chair of the BAME Students’ Committee, as a representative of the Committee and the students they represent, has a vote on Union Council.



Disabled Students Committee

The Disabled Students’ committee aims to remove the stigma from all disabilities, challenge perceptions and encourage all members of our society to take a positive attitude towards understanding the nature of disability and overcoming prejudices. They also help to signpost students to the University of Hull’s Disabilities Services who can help with numerous support issues.

The Chair of the Disabled Students’ Committee, as a representative of the Committee and the students they represent, has a vote on Union Council.


University of Hull Disabled Students Community

Women's Committee

The Women's Committee works for women through welfare support and to eliminate all forms of gender disadvantage. The committee provides a wide variety of services, resources and events for women in at the University of Hull.

The Chair of the Women’s Committee, as a representative of the Committee and the students they represent, has a vote on Union Council.


Hull Women's Committee


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender+ (LGBT+)

LGBT+ aims to support the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, ensuring that they have a voice on campus and a place to meet other LGBT+ people.

We have a diverse University population and sexual preference and gender identity can mean many things. The plus of LGBT+ reflects the welcoming definitions of the committee, which is open to everyone including straight allies.

The Chair of the LGBT+ Students’ Committee, as a representative of the Committee and the students they represent, has a vote on Union Council.


University of Hull LGBT+




From the Student Voice and Opportunities Team to the Advice Centre, we have many full-time and part-time staff here representing you.

Find out more by visiting our staff list.