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Academic Issues

Academic Concerns can be dealt with by different people:

Advice Centre

Are you having problems with your course? Maybe your workload is building up and need some help getting organised? The Advice Centre is here to help and offer advice on all things related to your academic experience.

The team also provide support and support for panel hearings dealing with allegations of plagiarism, unfair means and academic appeals. 

Please check out our Academic Issues booklet, which takes you step by step through problems you may face and how to deal with them. In the meantime, we describe some of the issues below and what the terms mean.


Academic Complaints

It is important to understand the distinction between an academic appeal and a complaint. An appeal is a challenge to an academic decision, whereas a complaint can be made about any subject other than an academic decision and can be against any university department, faculty or even fellow student. 


Course Issues

If you're having any issues with your department or course, grab your Course Rep! Your Course Reps meet with key members of departmental/academic area staff twice every semester to discuss the issues impacting on students. Course Reps are also trained and equipped to directly help with several issues.


Staff Issues

It is always difficult when there are serious issues with an individual member of staff. The Advice Centre can help you decide your next step, but if you are experiencing difficulties with your course you have a number of options.

Course Reps

Some issues can go to your Course Rep.


  • Library and IT resources
  • Student Support (i.e staff and services)
  • Project Work
  • Quality and availability of resources
  • Academic Support Tutor system
  • Student Handbooks
  • Work Placements, year abroad arrangement (Employability skills)
  • NSS



  • Learning and teaching methods
  • Student evaluations
  • Quality of teaching
  • University and departmental academic policy
  • Module Evaluation



  • Content and quality of programes and modules


  • Feedback and evaluation assessed work


Skills Team

Offer help on all aspects of academic writing - online, in workshops and during individual appointments. Skills Workshops and Master Classes are available to all. They are relaxed and fun and you can share information and ideas.

The Skills team have areas such as The Employability Award, PASS and PAL as well as the workshops. For more information see their website here.

Academic Support Tutor

This will be an academic member of staff from your department. Every student will have one, so if you don’t, ask for one. Your Academic Support Tutor is there to be informed of any problem you are experiencing, give you advice and guidance in your academic process and to point you in the direction of further help, support and advice. Each Faculty is also assigned a ‘Senior Tutor’. This is someone from another Faculty who you can approach for independent support if you cannot resolve a matter internally.

Academic Jargon Buster


Mitigating Circumstances
A personal situation, which may affect or have affected your academic performance. This could be anything from illness to bereavement or a funding problem.


Academic Misconduct.
Any kind of academic misconduct, for example, plagiarism, cheating in an exam, conspiring with another person to produce work, or falsifying results for coursework.


Penalties For Plagiarism
Plagiarism is the use of another person's idea or a part of their work as your own. It is CRITICAL that you research and understand how to reference your work accurately. Using incorrect referencing could result in an accusation of plagiarism.


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Downloads You can also download one of our useful booklets below or pick up a copy from the Advice Centre.

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