Compost Bins
Submitted by Melissa B.

Compost bins for food/biodegradable waste in the SU and other cafes around campus. Waste can be used to help plants grow over campus

18/05/2018 - **UPDATE**
HUU comes under the University waste management plan and hence we have to follow their processes with regards to waste. I know they are looking at their waste processes at the moment with an aim to be a plastic free campus by 2022 so we can push them to look at including food waste as part the waste/recycling review.

19/03/2018 - **UPDATE**
I have passed on these comments to HUU's Commercial Services Director and also to the University's estates team and will update you with their responses.

by Jennie Watts

Sustainable, low cost and environmentally friendly think it’s a great idea!

by Joshua Q.

I think this is a simple concept that would make a direct impact to local environment! :)

by Charlotte Briony S.

18/05/2018: Completed