Food and social life
Submitted by Rahul R.

More variation of food as lots of places do Paninis and sandwiches and more areas to relax.

18/05/2018 - **UPDATE**
As part of the ongoing consultation regarding the building redevelopment HUU are looking to expand the food options available on campus. I can appreciate that sandwiches and Paninis are everywhere and HUU are committed to improving the food offer. Also, as part of the future building development we are working with the university to review the social spaces on campus to improve the spaces we do have and do what we can to increase the space available. I have passed this idea onto the team involved in the building redevelopment, however for now think this idea is best placed in “future plans” to be actioned once work on the building commences.

by Jennie Watts

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22/02/2018: Future