Wed, September 19, 2018 - 10:40
More checking of disabled bays
Submitted by Roseanne C.

I am a disabled student and recently I have found it extremely difficult to park on campus. This is not just due to the small number of disabled bays available but also due to lack of parking inspectors at front of uni. Near Venn and Middleton there are a few disabled bays but taxis park in there and people dropping of things and as there is nobody there to stop them they get away with it. There needs to be something done about this. Using disabled bays is not a luxury and it's not fair on people who actually need them.

18/05/2018 - **UPDATE**
This issue was raised at the previous DWG on the 5th of February. Unfortunately the upcoming meeting has been cancelled so I have circulated an email to enquire about an update on this and will post a response as soon as possible.

20/03/2018 - **UPDATE**
I went for a walk around campus making a note of the number and location of disabled bays. Whilst walking around I noticed a skip placed in a disabled bay and also a car parked in the hatched out area next to the bay - THIS IS NOT OK and I have reported this to the UoH with a recommendation that more policing of the bays are carried out.

19/03/2018 - **UPDATE**
I agree. The provision of disabled parking on campus is not acceptable. I have raised this as an issue with the Disability Working Group (DWG) on the 6th Feb and it was discussed at length within the meeting. The Disabled Student Officer is also aware. The next meeting of DWG is on the 15th of May and I will make sure that the issue is raised again

by Andrew Costigan

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