Silent library after 6pm
Submitted by James E.

Make BJL a silent study space after 6pm. It’s normally more like a social club than a study environment, if people need to work in groups there are rooms for that.

This is a great idea

by Jasmine Amber S.

More rules on quietness in the Library after 6:00pm.

by Theodore Matthew Ronan Niffike B.

In theory a good idea, but how will this be implemented/monitored?

by Karley C.

Some people struggle to work in a silent area. Maybe increase the amount of silent areas rather than just HDC but the whole library shouldn't be made silent.

by Katie C.

Couldn't agree with this more. The library has definitely become more of a social environment for old friends to catch up. However, if the library were to implement this, the library staff will have to monitor it more closely as sometimes people are talking really loudly but no one does anything!

by Toni-May D.

I'd rather this be applicable to the lower bounds of the library (maybe floors 1-3) and keeping 4-7 as normal.

by Nathan Thomas L.

yes.it's a good idea

by Natalie Alexis L.

05/03/2018: Not Supported