As the majority of the floors in the library are currently very noisy and it is often hard to find space in the reading room, I think there should be a system put in place to make some floors silent and some floors at a quiet noise level, and have them monitored so that they stay quiet. Maybe set floors 3 and 4 as silent floors and 5 and 6 as quiet floors but keep floors 1 and 7 as social floors for people who want to do group work.

25/06/2018 - **UPDATE**
I have had several discussions with the library over this topic. The library have assured me that they are constantly reviewing how students feel about noise levels in the library and from feedback are currently satisfied that the levels of noise in the library are appropriate.

If you would like to raise any further concerns or would like to discuss this further, please email the President of Education at

by Salman Anwar

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25/06/2018: Completed