I was talking to an ex student of a Hull University campus, he said that there were free condoms available on campus. I have also heard of schools, colleges and other universities providing free sexual health test packs. I believe these should also be available on Hull campuses, either by discrete request or help yourself. There isn't free postal STI testing in the Hull area and these changes will promote safe sex and improve the well being of students.

Thanks for your idea!

Yorkshire MESMAC offers a variety of sexual health services, which can be accessed via the 2nd floor of the Student Central Building, every Wednesday between 1 pm and 4.30 pm during semester time.

Advice, condoms and Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screenings are available. The testing for this is very straightforward and involves a self-urine sample for males, or a self-swab for females.

MESMAC also offer screenings for HIV and Syphilis, which is a finger prick test and results take just one minute.

However if students feel this service is not sufficient, please vote in favor and HUU can work with the University to improve it further!

Finally, Jennie Watts - Welfare & Community Officer will also be launching SHAG Week in Semester 2, a week dedicated to Sexual Health advice - so keep an eye out for campaign events!

by Jennie Watts

Can the MESMAC be better advertised then because barely anyone know that that is an option.

by Lydia S.

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