Sun, November 18, 2018 - 04:05
Better Lighting for Salmon Grove
Submitted by Megan H.

Could we implament better lighting on Salmon Grove as it is very difficult to see the pavement on the side where the trees are at night, and especially as it gets colder the street could get icy and become a trip/slip hazard. Also it makes it feel safer as dark streets become an easier target for crime. Better lighting would mean a safer street.

19/10/2018 **UPDATE**
Council have ordered lanterns directly from manufacturer. Overdue for installation which was initially scheduled for the first half of October. I will send a follow up to the council at the end of October.

14/08/2018 **UPDATE**
I am so excited to update that in response to this idea Hull City Council are going to install higher wattage lanterns into all streetlights along Salmon Grove and Ferens Avenue, they will not only be brighter but will also have a larger light spread. This will hopefully make the pavement on the University side much brighter. If the new lighting isn't sufficient Hull CC have assured me they will cut back the tree's to ensure they are not blocking any light. <br />
I will let you know as soon as the new lanterns are installed, and I would be really keen to hear your feedback on if you feel they have made a difference and you now feel safer walking along Salmon Grove when it is dark. <br />

by Andrew Costigan

It's very dark on salmon grove and can feel a bit scary when walking on your own and also not being able to see the ice is a hazard.

by Lydia S.

15/12/2017: Working On

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