Wed, November 14, 2018 - 03:12

I think the process of submitting an idea is easy and effective but would love to see student officers update the progress of/respond to students ideas. For example, what processes need to happen before an idea can be implemented and how long can the student expect to wait before the idea is implemented or progress is made.

The time frame could work similar to academic feedback in that a student officer provides an update on the progress of an idea within 20 days.

Thanks so much for submitting this idea! We agree that response and communication needs to be better! <br />
The officer team and HUU are currently working together on a policy for the Your Ideas Scheme which will cover points raised in this suggestion! This policy will be implemented before the start of the next academic year. Thanks again :)

by Osaro Otobo

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29/05/2018: Completed

02/03/2018: Fast-tracked

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