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    Elections 2017: Your Candidates Revealed

    posted: 15th March 2017, 7:10pm
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    Your Candidates 2017 Revealed

    All candidate manifestos can be found here.


    Student Officer Candidates


    Maximilian Garroch

    Aleksandrs Kosusenko

    Jack Laird

    Osaro Otobo

    Vice President Education

    Salman Anwar

    Cory Austwick

    Jack Price

    Vice President Welfare & Community

    Jack Carlin

    Dee Davison

    Christopher Knott

    Emily-Jayne Laughton

    Jennie Watts

    Sadie Wild

    Vice President Activities

    Tom Best

    Jack Bridges

    Jack Craig

    Vice President Sport

    Meg Cooke

    Caitlin O’Neill

    Shannon Webb

    Part-Time Officers

    Environment and Ethics Officer: Ruth Williams

    Women’s Officer: Jacqueline Gomes-Neves; Hannah Marsden

    LGBT+ Officers (2 positions): Alexia Auger; Connor Massey

    Councillor for Scrutiny Welfare & Community Zone: Jordan Ben-George-Navarro

    Mature Students Officer: Ashley Pattison

    Part-Time Students Officer: Adam Clifton

    Postgraduate Research Students Officer: Rebecca Devine

    Chair RAG: Abigail Triner

    Chair SEC: Max Cummins

    AU Secretary and Communications Officer: Isabella Mason; Holly Mottram; Natasha Wilson

    No nominations received for:

    Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer

    Disabled Students Officer

    International Students Officer

    AU Events & Varsity Officer

    AU BUCS Officer

    AU Kit and Equipment Officer

    AU Tour Officer

    AU Participation and Inclusivity Officer

    Student Trustees (2 positions)

    Madeline Holden

    Kathryn Sharman

    Faculty Representatives (4 positions)

    Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education: Katie Hobson

    Faculty of Science and Engineering: Steven Story

    Faculty of Business, Law and Politics: no nomination received

    Faculty of Health Sciences: no nomination received

    School Representatives (32 positions)

    Chemistry: Lloyd Glanville

    Drama: Benjamin King

    English: Ilisa Crow; Isobel Hall

    HYMS: Vassili Crispi

    Law: Kathryn Sharman

    Marketing & Business Strategy: Edward Park-Poulson

    Physics: Benjamin Brooks; Jessica Clunan

    All other School rep positions did not receive any nominations.

    Further information

    You can find the notice of elections here:

    You can find candidate resources and useful information here:

    Voting will open on Monday, 20th March 9am on

    You can find out more about Student Officer manifestos and priorities at our Question Time event on Monday, 20th March, 6pm in Meeting Room 1 (first floor Student Central).

    Positions that received no nominations will be elected in the by-election in October 2017.

    If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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