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    Home Away from Home

    posted: 1st July 2017, 9:00am
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    Possibly the trickiest question to answer when leaving for University is this; what do you take with you? One of the best ways to ease yourself into your new life is to turn your room into a home away from home. 


    You won’t remember everything you want, so the best way to avoid the stress of, “What have I forgotten!?” is to take only what you absolutely need. In the first few weeks, keep a list of everything you realise you want to bring from home and fetch it when you first go back to visit your dog!

    So, what do you need?

    • Clothes. Pack for the seasons. You won’t have space to fit all of your clothes in your room. The academic year begins in autumn, so bring a few jumpers for the frosty mornings, but maybe shorts and a T-shirt as well.
    • Kitchenware. Two plates. Two glasses. Two sets of cutlery. Sharp knife, chopping board, frying pan, saucepan, baking tray, bowl and cheese grater. Leave it at that; any more and you’ll be buried.
    • Bedding. A good quilt works wonders. Bedding is a place to really splash out if you can – after all, students are famous for lie-ins!
    • Study stuff. You can limit this to a laptop and a few bits of stationery. Don’t rush out and buy all the books straightaway. Get them, as you need them, and recover a bit of money by selling them afterwards.
    • Entertaining yourself. A Netflix subscription may be a distraction, but it goes a long way towards keeping yourself busy on long, dark, penniless winter nights. Plus, movies are an excellent social lubricant when everyone’s too tired to go out!

    There you have it! Just remember, the key to a good living space is actually living in it. So turn it from a cold, generic student room into somewhere unique to you! 


    Desk to Impress 

    University is for education, but it’s also for enjoying yourself and developing as a person. It’s best to keep these things separate, otherwise you just end up procrastinating when you should be working, and worrying about work when you need to let your hair down. 


    Wherever you are living try to create separate study and living spaces. Think desk is for essays, bed for TV marathons. Keeping the two separate helps you get into the correct mindset when you’re in each area. When you get a job in the big bad world, you’ll do your work in an office, not your bedroom! Apply the same tactics to University and you’ll be much happier.


    Top Tip

    Remember to use white tack when hanging posters as blue tack can leave unsightly marks and pull plaster off walls upsetting your landlord (or parents) in the process. 

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