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    Making Friends - An Undergraduate Perspective

    posted: 11th August 2017, 2:15pm
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    Ollie Bird, aged 20, 2nd Year BA War & Security Studies 


    Arriving at University, is for most of you, the most daunting step you’ve taken so far. You may be leaving home for the first time, or leaving behind a way of life, or simply taking on the new challenge that is living at university. The important thing is not to panic or to stress, there are a lot of things you will worry about that you really don’t need to. 


    As a fresher you will most likely be living in halls for your first year. You may think you’re being thrown in at the deep end, but it is incredibly helpful and a great way to make friends and adjust to uni life. 


    When you first move in, you will be shy, but make an effort to at least say hello to the other newbies and their parents when you’re moving in. Knock on the doors of your neighbours and discover communal areas like kitchens or the landings. Remember everyone’s in the same boat so no one will think it strange! 


    The first night can be a scary prospect. If you’re a partier, go for it, but be considerate, thoughtful and respectful to the shyer or none party goers. If you’re not a partier, don’t worry about it, involve yourself in the build up to the night out (drinking or not) and don’t feel pressured into going out or embarrassed, you’ll be respected for your resilience.


    Do not underestimate the power of food! If you have dinner provided for you go with the people in your block or if you’re self-catered, organise a joint shopping trip to stock the cupboards. If you can cook or bake, making a social event out of providing food, is a good way to bring a new group together.


    Attend the Athletic Union and Societies and Volunteering fairs where you can meet student groups and sign up for new experiences.  Any sort of group at university is incredibly valuable for socialising and making friends and there really is something for everyone. 


    Finally there will be many different people coming to university, some older, some younger, different back grounds of life, education and from all over the country. The important thing is to talk to people as much as you can at the start, you have no end of questions to ask them, you’ve never met them before, but as shy as you are, try your best to be involved. Importantly be yourself, if you’re shy about this be reserved to begin with, you do have all year to come out of yourself. But you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

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