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    Volunteer of the Month - November Winners

    posted: 4th December 2014, 11:00am
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    Volunteer of the Month

    Miriam Gohar

    Acting Science Editor, The Hull Fire

    Miriam is responsible for the success of the first edition of Hull Fire's Science section. Her work has been widely praised by both academic staff and students for her originality, detail and style of content. Miriam is a very supportive and encouraging individual, who's not afraid to speak out for those who feel under-represented and it is with great pleasure to honour her with the Volunteer of the month award. Well Done!

    Runners Up

    Amber Jenkins

    Secretary, Societies Executive Committee

    Nominated for her absolute dedication to societies, excellent work ethos and positive attitude throughout.

    Paul Hill Edd Burrows

    President and Captain of the Football Team

    Nominated for pure determination in creating and maintaining a Sunday league team, gaining successful BUC’s results and showing team spirit all round.

    Do you know someone who deserves to be the next volunteer of the month? Email [email protected] with your nomination form before the 12th December!

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