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    Unisex Toilets – Motion Passed!

    posted: 25th April 2016, 12:00pm
    tags: HUU, Welfare
    Most of you will have noticed that the previous girls toilets opposite the stairs have recently been changed into ‘All Gender Toilets’ on a trial basis. This trial period ended on 14th March, and since that date we have been collating feedback in various different forms. We’ve had feedback on our corkboard downstairs, twitter polls, emails, and verbal feedback. You can view all of the motions that were passed at Union Council here.
    On Monday 11th April, the LGBT+ committee and myself put a motion to our Union Council, the highest decision making body in the Student Union, to keep our All Gender Toilets.
    A question arose from the floor asking if it would be possible to change the name of these toilets to Unisex. This amendment was proposed, seconded and passed with a result of 14 yes votes, 2 no votes, and 2 abstentions. The amended motion then passed with 12 yes votes, 1 no vote and 5 abstentions.
    So there we have it – after a lot of hard work and devotion to the Unisex toilets, it’s passed and they are permanent. This is an incredible step forward for us as a union, and for our LGBT+ community.
    Thank you for all your help!
    To read the full list of motions passed at April’s Union Council here.
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