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    Union Council Summary Feb 10th

    posted: 13th February 2014, 5:35pm
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    Union Council Summary 10//02/14

    Union Council is the highest decision making body of your Union, it is where your Sabbatical Officers are held to account on their decisions and performance to ensure that any movements made representative and for the right reasons. It is also where policy is passed to show where HUU stands on issues. Read more about Union Council HERE.

    Union Council took place this Monday (10th February) at Hull Campus. Here is just a short summary of some of the decisions and policies passed on behalf of the student population.


    Standing Order changes to make it quicker for a society to become active before they get ratified, and to give a higher level of scrutiny were passed.

    Outcome: Societies can now form quickly and function in the same way as a ratified society. 


    Motion passed to "Stop Investment into the Fossil Fuel Industry"

    Action:  President has now been actioned to consult with HUU’s Board of Trustees about a no fossil fuel investment policy.


    Motion to reverse the Sun boycott pending the outcome of further consultation

    Due to abstention, motion fell.


    Want to Join in?

    Any student is welcome to come along and watch to find out what is being discussed. 

    The next Union Council will be held on Monday 24th March at 6:30pm in Meeting Room 1. To submit motions to this Union Council, please Click HERE 

    "Information on the percentages/number of votes in Favour, Against and Abstaining from the motions are available on request - they will be within the minutes that HUU will publish after the next Union Council.

    If you run in the elections and become elected, you become a member of Union Council and get a vote on all the important decisions at HUU. Its not too late to nominate yourself for a position! Click HERE to find out more. Nominations Close on the 19th Feb.

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