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    Union Council Agenda - Monday 24th March

    posted: 20th March 2014, 10:05am
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    Union Council is the highest decision making body of your Union. Your Sabbatical Officers are there to represent 18,000 students from a vast array of cultures, types of study, and minority groups. Union Council is where these Officers are held to account on their decisions and performance to ensure that any movements they make are proved to be representative and for the right reasons. It is also where policy is passed to show where HUU stands on issues, such as payday lenders. 

    Time: 6.30pm 

    Location: Meeting Room 1 

    The Agenda for Monday


    Click Here to view or print the agenda for Monday, Key points include:

    • Changes to HUSSO - A number of changes to be made to our Student Led Volunteering. 

    • Changes to 2004 Daisy Baldwin - Changes to how much support our Societies Executive can give to students. 

    For a recap of the last Union Council see the minutes.

    Union Council is on DEMOCRACY DAY, on this day is also HUU's Annual General Meeting where our board of trustees meet to discuss the future plans for the organisation – come and see where we’re heading while scoffing a few slices of FREE Pizza!. View the Agenda.

    *NEW* Submit a Motion

    If you want to bring an idea or policy to Union Council to be discussed or passed you can now submit a motion online, this calls the Union to action. Submit a motion for the next Union Council and find out more HERE


    Come along!

    Any student is welcome to come along and watch to find out what is being discussed. Only those that have been elected can vote, but you can still get involved in the discussions and made your voice heard! – so come along!

    Find out More about Union Council and how it works. 

    Our Union Council Handbook explains everything that you will need to know about what goes on in Union Council, the rules, the dates, the terminology. To read it Click Here

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