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    Three Great Things 19/05/14

    posted: 19th May 2014, 10:29am
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    three great things

    Awards Season

    Awards Season continues, with Student-Led Teaching Awards, Scarborough Awards and HUU Awards all being a rousing success. Particular highlights were the Kat Lavery’s speech at Student Led Teaching Awards, Tom’s jokes at Scarborough Awards and the fort that your Sabbatical Team and Elects created in Calie Halls in Scarborough.

    HUU Council

    The Final #HUUCouncil of the year happened this week, after an incredibly successful year. We would like to thank all elected representatives for all their hard work. HUU wouldn’t work without you.

    Student Manifesto

    Your Vice-President Welfare and Community, Brittany, has worked with Hull College to create a Student Manifesto. This is based on all the things you have told us are important to you to candidates in next Thursday’s local and European elections.


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