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    Student Writers Required

    posted: 31st March 2015, 9:00am
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    Last year we printed our first ever WelcomeFest magazine. This included articles written for students by students. We had a great response to it and so would like to create another one for students joining us in 2015!

    To say ‘thanks’ we are offering writers vouchers of your choice for the amount stated next to each article. You will also receive a copy of the final product for your portfolio/CV.

    All of the articles below have been chosen due to student feedback that has been gathered throughout the year as well as the emerging results of the Rate Your Union survey,

    If you are interested email [email protected] with your choice of article and a link or attachment to a piece of your writing and what year of study you are in, by Friday 3rd April. The deadline for completed articles is Friday 24th April. 

    Making Friends At University
    300 Words x 4 Articles

    £10 Reward

    In Rate your Union 2015 one of the things that students told us that they were most concerned about when coming to university was making friends. We want this article to debunk some of those myths and share a real-life experience of what it’s like in those first weeks.

    We are interested in the perspective of:

    - An international student

    - A student who joined a sports team/society and how that changed their experience

    - A student who lives at home/commutes to university

    Please state which of the above POV’s you are offering when you email your interest. 


    International Students
    300 Words + 150 Break Out Box

    £10 Reward

    In Rate Your Union 2015 international students have shared with us their concerns about settling into University life. We want to hear about the reality of those first weeks from an International students’ perspective.

    - How did you find your first week at University?

    - Did you have any language problems and how did you overcome them?

    - How did you adapt to a different culture?

    - Did you find it easy to make new friends?


    Things I Didn’t Expect In My First Year/I Wish I Knew
    300 Words + 150 Break Out Box

    £20 Reward

    We want a students eye view of what surprised you about your first year at university. What did you wish you knew before you started University?

    Consider covering:

    - Experience of living independently? How was it?

    - Organising/motivating yourself – was it difficult. How did you manage it? Avoiding procrastination!

    - Extra-curricular activities. What did you do? Did Hull as a city surprise you? Did you join any activities/try new things?

    - The work. How did you find lectures/seminars? How did you get the most out of them?

    - Homesickness? Did you get it? How did you maintain relationships with your family/friends from home?


    Staying Healthy
    300 Words + 150 Break Out Box On Registering With Dentist/Doctor

    £20 Reward

    Staying at healthy at uni can be a challenge with the temptations of takeaway, late nights and the threat of freshers flu.

    Consider covering:

    - Healthy eating – avoiding Freshers flu

    - Responsible drinking (knowing your limits)

    - Exercise

    - STI’s

    - Registering with a dentist/doctor

    Getting enough sleep!


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