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    Hull Student Manifesto

    posted: 14th May 2014, 11:05am
    tags: Education, HUU, President, Welfare, Community, Housing

    Hull has a large and diverse student population, with people from all backgrounds studying part-time, full time, in further education, undergraduate or postgraduate education, and taking part in work placements, internships, and apprenticeships. The city welcomes around 8,000 students from out of the area each year, coming from as far afield as Surrey or Saigon.

    We have been working with Hull College Student's Union to create the Student Manifesto with the aim to help Hull City Council develop policies and programmes to make Hull a better place to live, work and study for its many students and young people. It focuses on five key areas: representation; education; public services; employment; and housing.

    The Student Manifesto will be distributed to councillors and those running in the local elections to show them what students in Hull need from them and get our voices heard.


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