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    Statement From Your Students’ Union

    posted: 5th December 2014, 10:00am
    tags: Events, Asylum, Johnny Mac, Sanctuary , HUU

    Due to a number of incidents that have occurred both in the past and during this semester the difficult decision has been made to cancel the planned Tower events on the 10th and 17th December.

    As your Students’ Union one of the things that we know that you want from us is a place to socialise and have fun together. We are committed to providing this experience for our members, however we also have a duty to ensure that our neighbours are not negatively impacted by our activity. It is our responsibility to take difficult decisions like this to ensure that we can continue to provide fantastic events long into the future whilst nurturing positive relations with the residents we live alongside.

    We realise this decision will be disappointing to many but we strongly believe that it is in interests of students, your Students’ Union and our local community. 

    We look forward to welcoming you back to Tower in the New Year. 


    Richard Brooks

    President, Hull University Union

    Jackie Berry

    Chief Executive, Hull University Union

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