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    Student-Led Teaching Awards 2016: Shortlist

    posted: 30th March 2016, 12:00pm
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    The Student-Led Teaching Awards is your opportunity to reward the good teaching and services at this university.

    We've had a fantastic response in this year's awards with nearly 500 nominations! From lecturers who always go above and beyond for students, to administrators who are attentive and caring, these staff have made an impact on your student experience.

    Mr David Cox Best Module - Encouraging Wider Reading
    Dr Scott McCraken Best Module - Intermediate Mathematical Economic Analysis
    Ms Laura Milner Best Module - Family Law
    Dr Sam Shields Best Module - Informal Learning
    Dr Catherine Baker Best Feedback
    Dr Clare Bielby Best Feedback
    Dr Leonid Nikitenko Best Feedback
    Dr Alexandros Psychogios Best Feedback
    Mr Peter Andrews Best Supervisor
    Prof Valerie Sanders Best Supervisor
    Dr Peter Watson Best Supervisor
    Dr John R. Williams Best Supervisor
    Ms Sarah Donkin Admin & Support Staff
    Ms Kate Heaney Admin & Support Staff
    Jacqueline  Howard Coombes Admin & Support Staff
    Laura Purdon Admin & Support Staff
    Elaine Altuccini Non-Departmental Support Staff
    Kathryn Oram Robinson Non-Departmental Support Staff
    Julia  Rafferty Non-Departmental Support Staff
    Scarborough Student Well Being Team  Non-Departmental Support Staff
    Dr Christian Billing Postgraduates' Choice Award
    Rebecca Bloomfield Postgraduates' Choice Award
    Adrian Braithwaite Postgraduates' Choice Award
    Dr Stephen Maher Postgraduates' Choice Award
    Dr David Benoit Innovative Teaching Award
    Dr Kazuyo Nakabayashi Innovative Teaching Award
    Dr Tim Prior Innovative Teaching Award
    Dr Dan Wray Innovative Teaching Award
    Mr Geoff Gibson Inspiring Teaching
    Jane Gill Inspiring Teaching
    Mr Phil Marshal Inspiring Teaching
    Dr Dominic Welburn Inspiring Teaching
    Dr Frances Bubridge Overall Outstanding Achievement 
    Colette Conroy Overall Outstanding Achievement 
    Lesley Coote Overall Outstanding Achievement 
    Wayne Williams Overall Outstanding Achievement 
    The Awards evening will be held on Friday 6th May in Asylum, where winners will be presented with their awards.
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