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    #Consent is as Simple as Tea

    posted: 2nd February 2016, 12:00pm
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    Sex is great…when you want it!

    But what happens if you don’t. #Consent is a simple as tea.

    Imagine not liking tea and someone forcing you to drink it. Imagine liking tea but not really fancying it, but someone making you. Imagine not being thirsty at all but someone tells you, you should be and it will be worth it after.

    In a world saturated with mass channels of communication, social media, apps and emoji’s, it could be argued that this has increased confusion and blurred the boundaries of what consent actually is. But I’m here to say that consent is everything and that it is simply two people mutually agreeing to have sex.

    Swiping right on an app, winking at someone across the dance floor, or even wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I’m single’ does not mean you want to get it on and have sex with another person.

    Nor does nagging, guilt tripping or threatening someone into having sex class as consent. It is coercion and wrong. It’s not consent if you’ve bullied someone into it, or you’ve been bullied into it.  Even if what you think might be bit of fun or banter like pinching someone’s bum is an invasion of someone’s space. And in fact sexual assault.

    So it’s incredibly important to make sure the other person is up for it too and is capable of making an informed decision.  For example if their drunk, on drugs or unconscious they are not capable of giving meaningful consent.

    We should respect each other’s boundaries when it comes to sex and in general. And remember that consent is everything and it’s as simple as tea.

    “Consent is something, which is a huge issue but one I believe doesn't get enough attention and often not taken seriously within society as a whole. It’s important to educate students on this and encourage them people to take consent seriously and learn more about it.” - Women’s Officer Emily Bolt

    Want to find out more? Come grab yourself a free hot tea (or coffee… for those who like the stronger stuff) and support our #consent campaign. We will be giving out our very own unique consent cups to help spread the message and playing this video around the Union, which inspired us to support this national campaign.

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