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    We’re Moving!

    posted: 30th March 2017, 9:00am
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    Hey Everyone,


    Hope semester two is going well and your dissertations are coming together!


    Just wanted to give you an update regarding the transition. As you will of heard, the Grimsby Institute Group will be taking over the Campus next academic year as the Hull transition comes to a close. As part of the agreement, there will be a few preparations taking place during the next few months. This means HUU will be moving to a new office, which is right near Reception. The Student Union staff will all be housed in the Accommodation Office, so you’ll still be able to find us easily. 

    From the 4th May (Stars Wars Day, so it’s easy to remember!), we’ll be making our home here, but don’t worry, we’ll still be offering all our services as a Student Union.


    You’ll still be able to access, and book appointments in our Advice Centre.

    You’ll still be able to access our Student Activities Centre.

    You’ll still be able to buy all your essentials from the Student Union (stationery, headache tablets, hoodies), or if we don’t have it, Waves will.

    You’ll still be able to speak to your student representatives, who will continue to represent you.


    We are working closely with the University to ensure your experience as a Scarborough student is maintained up until the very end. Our aim is to make sure you are supported during what has been a time of change.


    We’ll also be offering free comb binding to all students, perfect for those long studies!


    If anyone would like to chat further about this, either email me on [email protected] or pop in the SU in person.


    Take Care,


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