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    President’s Pick of the Week - HUDS

    posted: 3rd December 2014, 9:00am
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    Presidents' Pick Header

    First and foremost, let's take a look at the wonderful moment HUU President Richard Brooks found out his task for the week!

    The team at HUU take great pleasure in my President’s Pick of the Week. It’s their opportunity to put me in an awkward/embarrassing situation, all in the name of ‘student engagement’.

    It’s with this in mind that I found myself, on Friday evening, in Asylum, learning how to Belly Dance.

    I found this out on Friday afternoon, after a long and tough week, which included the future of Scarborough Campus, University Council visit and a HUU Board of Trustees meeting. Suffice to say, I was tired and mildly grumpy.

    I rocked up in a t-shirt and shorts to Asylum, genuinely not knowing what to expect or anticipate.

    Luckily, I was met by a sea of recognisable and friendly faces, from one of my favourite societies, Dance Soc. (#HUDS4Lyf and that)

    We were given basic instructions and a really interesting insight into belly dancing and the culture around it.

    I learnt very quickly that my body is essentially alien to me.

    I couldn’t move my hips, tap my feet or sliver across the floor like I was meant to.

    In comparison to the talent and dexterity of Dance Soc next to me, I looked foolish, frankly.

    The hour long session culminated with the majority of the group dancing together in rhythm. I went home, my arms aching and feeling as pliable as a piece of wood.

    What did make the evening enjoyable was the clear, direct instructions of our instructor, Sandra Lee & and the friendly banter between myself and HUDS.

    Your friendly neighbourhood President

    Richard Brooks

    Find out more about the Dance Society (HUDS) via their profile page, over on Facebook and on Twitter.

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