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    President Pick of the Month - #ChallengeChuby

    posted: 5th November 2015, 12:00pm
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    Pres Pick of the Month - #ChallengeChuby




    Each month we’ll be asking YOU to put your President to the test.


    Invite Chuby to join in with your sports team, society, or volunteering project.  Or maybe you have an awesome hobby or unique talent you’d like Chuby to try.


    Anything goes and we want to hear it!! (but let's keep it tasteful…)



    Here’s how it works:


    First week of every month:

    We’ll be asking for your suggestions. Send us yours at #challengechuby on Facebook or Twitter.


    Second week of every month:

    We will pick an activity at random and surprise Chuby with his fate. If your activity is chosen, we will respond to your online request to make arrangements.


    Third week of every month:

     Chuby must face his challenge and complete it by the end of the week.


    Fourth week of every month:

    Chuby will be sharing his experience (fails and all) in an online blog. Expect photographic/video evidence of just what he got up to and a shout out to those who took part. 

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