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Mitigating Circumstances Have Changed

Changes to Mitigating Circumstances – Student Win!


Dare we mention ‘Fit-to-sit’? Well, this time we wanted to give you some good news about a new system that works for students. Due to your wonderful feedback last year, the university decided to review their mitigating circumstances policy, and has now made it better! This new policy directly impacts on student welfare because it is designed to improve the support you get as a student.


Below are a few of the changes to the mitigating circumstances procedures for students;


Mitigating Circumstances

  • Mitigating circumstances now can be submitted up to 10 working days after the examination or submission deadline
  • Mitigating circumstances can be submitted whether or not the work is handed in or completed!
  • If work is submitted and mitigating circumstances are approved, any previous submission will be disregarded and a new attempt will need to be completed
  • All claims must be supported by appropriate documentary evidence

Extension Requests

  • Must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the submission deadline. 
  • Must be supported by appropriate documentary evidence
  • Must be submitted to your faculty student hub
  • May be given for up to 10 working days (for some assessments this may be limited to 5 days due to the assessment and feedback criteria)


Self-Certification (new!)

  • If you’ve had a short illness in the run-up to your exam or times assessment, you can self-certify to say you’ve been ill in the place of evidence
  • Don’t have to fork out money or worry about waiting times for a doctor’s note!
  • Can be used for a maximum of two absences in a particular trimester and a maximum of three absences in an academic year


Exceptional Circumstances (new!)

  • This is specifically for students with long-term difficulties which may re-occur which have not already been supported.
  • Examples of these may be, but not limited to abuse or physical assault, deterioration in mental health (not already supported), deterioration in physical health, caring responsibilities which may affect attendance.
  • Students in these situations will be identified through an initial mitigating circumstances request and will still need to submit extension requests or mitigating circumstances claims but will only be required to provide documentary evidence once.


Both of us worked with the University to help get these changes but couldn’t have acted on it without with feedback from you, the students. These changes should hopefully make the whole mitigating circumstances process a little less stressful for you!


Any questions, send us an email!


Salman & Jennie


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