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    HUU Awards Nominations NOW OPEN!

    posted: 18th March 2014, 11:00am
    tags: Activities, Give It A Go, RAG, Societies, Student Media, HUU, HUSSO

    The HUU Awards is an annual event which rewards and celebrates the efforts and achievements of students who volunteer through HUU. Many students are involved in volunteering whether in the Advice Centre, on HUSSO projects or as part of LINKS among others.

    You might not think of yourself as a volunteer but if you are on an exec for a society or sports team; contribute to liberation committees; act as a course rep or give your time to make things better for other students, then you are a volunteer!
    Any student involved in HUU activities is eligible to be nominated for an award.

    Please use the following nomination form to submit a nomination!


    You may nominate the same person in different award categories. All nominees will be contacted to tell them they have been nominated for an award and why (names of people who nominated them will not be disclosed).   

    Nominations close on Wednesday 2nd April at 4pm with the awards being presented at the HUU Awards night on Friday 16th May in Asylum. (Information on bookings available in April).


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