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    HUU Awards Shortlist: 2016

    posted: 27th April 2016, 4:00pm
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    HUU Awards 2016

    Education Zone

    Course Rep of the Year
    Awarded to the Course Rep who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their role throughout the year



    • Camomile Soper

    For her excellent representation of students. Camomile listens to feedback and maintains great channels of communication, she is approachable and friendly. She ensures all viewpoints are raised with the department and fights for what she thinks is best.        

    • Steven Storey

    Steven has gone the extra mile in his role, especially with the additional focus on SpLD students to ensure they can access materials. A great listener who has been an invaluable support to students and liaised with his department excellently.

    • Victoria Clark

    Attentive and articulate in her approach, Victoria has made an excellent contribution as a course rep, always able to see both sides of a given situation offering insightful and constructive solutions. Well known amongst her peers for her dependable work.


    Departmental Rep of the Year
    Awarded to the Departmental Rep who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their role throughout the year


    • Belinda Fonseka

    Described as a happy and positive person to be around, Belinda has been instrumental in creating positive changes within her department, has run workshops and is always available to help out no matter what the task might be.

    • Carys Tavener

    Carys has displayed commitment to enabling communication in her department. Demonstrating outstanding enrichment leadership she is approachable and friendly beyond the call of duty.

    • Nada Okasha

    Nada works with students to ensure they are all briefed and able to get the most out of meetings, she has developed and maintained excellent links within her department ensuring communication is at its optimum.





    Education Engagement Award
    Awarded to the Education Zone student volunteer who has excelled in engaging with students




    • Philip Yelland

    Philip works hard to ensure mature student's voices are heard, designing and amending a survey to allow their opinions to be recorded. Philip raises issues of concern to allow them to be addressed as necessary and willingly helps with all matters, even those which he is not responsible for.


    • Matt Thorneycroft

    Matt has run network events this year for course reps to help them understand their role, develop their knowledge giving them confidence to represent their peers whilst also contributing to the Student Experience in Enhancement Reviews (SEERs) effectively.


    • Victoria Welborn

    Victoria has done much to improve the student voice in the Faculty of Health and Social Care, making sure course reps are comfortable in their role. Last year there were no Staff-Student Committees occurring in the Faculty; this year there have been course rep forums and socials. Victoria has been a major factor in this resurgence.


    Outstanding Contribution to the Education Zone
    Awarded to the individual who has contributed the most to the Education Zone


    • Charlotte Constable

    Organised and dependable, Charlotte can be relied upon to attend and contribute her valuable opinions to help move things forward. She is very pro-active in her role, working passionately to fulfil every aspect successfully, and is always first to volunteer to take part in campaigns and promotions.

    • Matt Thorneycroft

    Matt listens to student concerns and has achieved high engagement with students in the Business School. He is known for his hard work and dedication, always helping out with zone campaigns, organising the HUBS ball and successfully campaigning on issues of importance within his department.                       

    • Qing Tang

    A dedicated departmental rep who is a great listener and works hard to liaise between students and staff to address problems. Qing has also offered support and development opportunities to International students and aspires to motivate those around her to succeed.





    Welfare and Community Zone

    Welfare and Community Zone Volunteer of the Year
    Awarded to the volunteer who has shown outstanding dedication throughout the year to the Welfare & Community Zone


    • Adeola Fadipe

    Adeola has worked consistently to build relationships and open dialogue between different minority groups within the university. She developed a highly praised mentoring scheme and the events she organises are always fun and inclusive.

    • Thomas Gwilliam

    Although new to LINKS this year, Tom has devoted a huge amount of time to the project, covering a wide range of events. He is friendly and approachable, and has shown dedication when dealing with patients in difficult circumstances.


    Welfare Team of the Year
    Awarded to the Welfare & Community team that has made the biggest impact this year


    • Hull LINKS

    This team work tirelessly to ensure the safety of students on campus by providing First Aid provision at events on campus.  LINKS make a real difference to the life of students in their hour of need, whilst also offering preventative advice. The committed and caring team have dedicated their time to treating hundreds of injuries and have dealt with many mental health matters this year.

    • LGBT+

    Providing a safe space and support for many LGBT+ students whilst making connections with the wider LGBT community locally, this team have worked to campaign for unisex toilets within the building and have organised many clubs, socials and activities for their members.


    LINKS Award
    Awarded to the student who has made the biggest contribution to LINKS First Aid this year.


    • Albert Myerscough

    Albert is dedicated to providing quality first aid care to all students, working with compassion to ensure patient dignity is maintained at all times. He works hard to develop LINKS suggesting and supporting ideas for implementation.


    • Thomas Barnes

    Tom works tirelessly to ensure that LINKS is resourced and organised to cover all events. He remains calm and professional in all situations using his fantastic patience and dedication to ensure that LINKS is successful, welcoming all and going the extra mile in his role.


    • Victoria Welborn

    Victoria does an excellent job, working to develop the society through managing funding and other problem solving tasks. She gives a lot of her time freely, doing an excellent job contributing to the success of LINKS.

    Sport Zone

    Most Dedicated AU President
    Awarded to the president who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for their club and its members


    • Rebekah Pereira

    Rebekah has contributed hugely to Pole Fitness and has helped make it one of the biggest and most successful clubs. She is a caring and professional individual who has helped the clubs members grow in confidence and self-esteem. She is extremely organised and makes training sessions a joy to attend.

    • Rachel Hughes

    Rachel has developed the profile of female squash on campus by hosting charity events with other AU teams. She is organised and committed and has encouraged a number of new players to the game. She is an enthusiastic and motivated president who genuinely cares about the members of her club.

    • Sadie Hannah Wild

    Sadie organised the hugely successful AU ‘Come Dancing’ fundraising event. She has increased training sessions which has noticeably increased the number of winners the teams have had in competitions. She is an experienced dancer who has the patience and knowledge to help others improve.

    AU Long Service
    Awarded to the student who has served a club with sustained dedication over a long period of time.


    • Alexander Hopkins

    Alex has dedicated his whole time at Hull to the boxing club and has served twice on the committee. He is dedicated to training and helping others improve. He has a passion for boxing and is dedicated to training and helping others improve.

    • Sanna Saidy

    Sanna has been part of Dancesport for three years and on the committee for two. He has helped to organise competitions and is supportive of new members.

    • Ellie Battersby

    Ellie has been part of ladies hockey for 5 years now, and has been an active member throughout her time. She has played consistently for 4 years, and been part of the committee for 2 of these, alongside being on the AU exec.



    Most Dedicated AU Club Member
    Awarded to the club member who has gone above and beyond during their time as a student


    • Maria Tavri

    Maria is a hardworking member of the Dancesport team. She attends all training sessions and is active at encouraging new members to join. She has performed incredibly well in competitions. She also helped with the organisation of the AU ‘Come dancing’ event.

    • Hannah Broom

    As her role of treasurer Hannah goes above and beyond her role for the Women’s Cricket club. She has helped to organise two bag packs raising vital funds for the club. She is an organised and inspirational team member.

    • John Bintu

    John is an excellent role model for the club. The boxing club has huge training attendance and this can be partly credited to John’s excellent coaching skills. Under his supervision the competitive team has thrived and his has inspired many individuals to pursue the sport in their own time.


    Activities Zone

    Society of the Year
    Awarded to the society that has been the most active, made the biggest impact and done the most for its members and HUU


    • Swing Dance Society

    Creating a friendly and welcoming space for students of all backgrounds and nationalities, Swing Dance offers exceptional opportunities for its members to develop their skills through workshops and events, and works closely with other societies resulting in high satisfaction rates.

    • Wargaming and Roleplaying Society (WARPS)

    This society has more than doubled in size this year, running many events and socials both independently and with other societies providing its members with a real sense of community. A dedicated exec team who work tirelessly for the benefit of all members.

    • Scarborough Snooker and Pool Society

    By competing in their local community league this society have created a fantastic link between students and local people which is to be highly commended. It has allowed its members the opportunity to begin to play on a professional level and has offered a welcoming and friendly environment to students of all ages and levels of skill.


    Derek Forster Award for Outstanding Commitment to HUSSO

    Awarded to the individual or project which has made an exceptional contribution to the work of HUSSO throughout the year



    • Matilda Capel

    Matilda has administered and co-organised the Flintstones HUSSO group throughout the year. She ensures that trips with children run safely and are fun for all involved. She has worked hard to increase numbers and has been dedicated to HUSSO for 3 years.

    • Emily Honeybone

    Taking a key role liaising with Union staff, Emily co-organised the Flintstones HUSSO group throughout the year ensuring that all trip participants were safe, engaged and had a good time. Working inclusively her dedication to HUSSO is inspiring.

    • Aona Stuart

    Aona has undertaken excellent work on the Salmon Grove garden project, communicating with staff to achieve this success. Her work at Welcomefest the Reunion helped to promote HUSSO to students.

    RAG: Fundraiser of the Year

    Awarded to the fundraiser who has had the biggest impact throughout the year


    • ComSoc (24 Hour Gaming Marathon)

    This event raised a great deal of money and was open to lots of different societies. There was a huge amount of planning and preparation involved for this event which was a memorable highlight of the year for all involved.

    • Jailbreak

    This flagship event for RAG week saw teams make it across the globe for free. All participants made it home safely, and their success was reported in the national press.

    • Dance-a-Thon

    This 24 hour dance marathon saw a number of societies and sports teams come together to raise money in this epic effort for RAG.


    Activities Zone Team of the Year
    Awarded to the Activities Zone committee that has made the biggest impact this year


    • Hullfire Media

    Working on a shoestring budget, Hullfire media are a passionate and dedicated team who have trebled their membership this year. Hullfire TV succeeded in winning a National Student TV award and as a whole Hullfire media have worked hard to enable their members to gain industry experience within organisations such as Sky TV and the BBC.


    • Raising and Giving

    Raising and Giving have had a great year with some significant development, working together as an effective team to foster huge student engagement with the wider student body. They have developed a range of new fundraising events this year with Animal Sanctuary being a notable success, with over 700 people queuing to attend.


    • HUSSO

    HUSSO (Hull University Social Services Organisation) was formed in 1961 by Derek Foster in order to help disadvantaged members of the community, 50 years on they are still going strong! At HUSSO, all projects are student-led which means that they are all devised and run by students. Projects cover a range of areas currently including: Kids, Older People, Disabilities, Education and Green Space.

    Contributor to Media
    Awarded to the individual who has made the biggest difference or improvements to HUU Media


    • Adam Knight

    Adam has provided outstanding technological support to all Hullfire media departments , he is available to members at all times, never letting them down and making sure he can be relied upon 24/7. He works long hours to ensure that Hullfire media activity is a success.


    • Matt Bramall

    Matt has worked hard to improve the coverage of sport through Hullfire media through both TV and Radio, with over 5,000 views for his Hullfire TV feature ‘Game of the Week’.


    • Jack Forrester and Laurence Cresswell

    Both have worked hard to create an excellent opportunity for students to take part in radio, with over 50 shows a week and 100+ presenters. Their passion for radio has seen them develop the radio station considerably including having outside broadcasts, opportunities to gain experience at the BBC and negotiating £4000 of free software.


    ISA Volunteer of the Year

    Awarded to the individual who has given the most to international students.


    • Elena Mendez-Piedra Paredes

    Dedicated and passionate in her role, Elena has been supportive and active in her support of international students, having a positive attitude and presenting the ISA show on Hullfire radio.


    • Adeola Fadipe

    Successfully introducing a mentoring scheme to support first year BAME students as they settle in to university life, Adeola has worked closely with both international and home BAME students successfully on all matters which affect the black student experience, with over 50 students attending the popular Social Structural Change event.


    • Victoria Alexandra Ivanova

    Victoria has developed an ISA radio show which has worked well to raise awareness of the ISA. She has also hosted the popular Speed Friending event alongside the ISA team which gave international students an opportunity to make friends and integrate.



    The Big 3

    Julie Watson Memorial Award
    Awarded to the volunteer who has made the biggest positive impact on the development of other students through HUU activity. This award is dedicated to the memory of Julie Watson, HUU’s Director of Membership Services and HR. In almost ten years of service with HUU she made an enormous contribution to the development of HUU and the staff who work here. “Julie loved to develop our staff and see them improve. Many of our staff are doing jobs they would never have believed themselves capable of without Julie’s constant encouragement. As a result everyone thought the world of her and this was repaid through the commitment she inspired in providing excellent service to our student members over a wide range of activities.”


    • Belinda Fonseka

    Belinda’s nominations have described her as ‘a joy’ and as very dedicated, highly enthusiastic and always showing a high level of commitment. She has also worked hard to change the way assessments are conducted in Chemistry, making it fairer for students. She has proved to be a valuable asset not just for students, but also for the Chemistry department in general. Belinda has worked selflessly to bring about positive change in her department, despite this change coming too late to benefit her own time as a student. One nomination reads "Belinda is very fair and approaches every complaint or issue without judgement. Although she may have an opinion, she sets it aside for the good of the other students.” She has worked tirelessly to address issues, drive forward change and create a better learning environment within the university for the students she represents.

    • Albert Myerscoff

    Albert has shown a staggering and unfaltering dedication to LINKS by providing quality first aid to all union students. Patient dignity is always at the heart of what he does and has demonstrated exceptional compassion in his work dealing with complex situations in Union venues that have gained him the respect of his LINKS colleagues and of staff at HUU. He has suggested and implemented many ideas to support the development of LINKS and one nomination described him as “a fantastic guy who deserves more recognition all round.”

    • Emily Honeybone


    The Flintstones HUSSO group works with external welfare agencies to offer regular trips and fun activities to children who might otherwise not be able to access these things. Emily has worked this year to co-organise these events, ensuring that all children are cared for safely and have a great time whilst out and about. Emily ensures that all volunteers have a say in the planning process of trips, making each one unique and fun for children and volunteers alike. One nomination states “Emily deserves this award, her dedication to HUSSO is inspiring to watch and hopefully will make future volunteers strive for the improvements she has made.”


    • Osaro Otobo


    Described as having an unwavering commitment to her club, Osaro has worked hard to continuously innovate in Women’s Basketball, driving the club forward to make it financially stable whilst bringing the costs down for members. She led her club to its first ever BUCS cup, promoting Women’s Basketball in a national BUCS campaign which has helped to shine a light on the sport and increase participation. Osaro has worked with other AU clubs to encourage her members to try out other sports, whilst offering opportunity for others to come and try out their training sessions. By devoting much of her spare time to coaching others, offering one to one training and running Fabulass training sessions for Campus Sport as well as her own club training sessions every week, Osaro has contributed a huge amount to raise the profile of female sport at Hull University.


    Volunteer of the Year: John Franks Memorial Award
    Awarded to the volunteer who has made an outstanding overall contribution to the life of students at the University of Hull. The John Franks’ Award is dedicated to the memory of John Franks, Head of the University Careers service for over 30 years. He was a great supporter of HUU and was responsible for personally helping thousands of Hull students and graduates with their careers. Following John’s sudden death in 2008, John’s family kindly made a significant donation to support this award for the foreseeable future.


    • Adeola Fadipe

    Described as a good listener who is friendly and welcoming, Adeola has created a wide range of inclusive events which have created a safe space for open discussions about many issues. Through providing good advice and information Adeola has enabled students to gain confidence, leading by example by encouraging students to join societies and has worked tirelessly to improve the university life of BAME student through campaigning.

    • Lilly Mallick

    Lily worked long hours to earn the money to enable her to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro for Childreach International and raise thousands of pounds for charity, despite a longstanding fear of heights and exercise. Lily is also to be commended by committing time and energy to raising substantial funds for MIND's new Hull facility through organising bag packs, charity events and awareness raising exercises. Lily has done all this whilst working in three jobs, studying and coping with her own illness.

    • Paul Hill

    Paul has worked tirelessly to keep campus sport alive in Scarborough, through his general passion for sport. Supporting the inclusion of all sporting members in Scarborough, Paul advertises and joins in with everything that is going on. He puts sport at the heart of the campus and makes sure everyone who wants to get involved is able to. He is a great member of the sport community on campus and has given up a lot of his own time to support the football, snooker and cricket team. Paul has become well known in the union and is a friendly face for anyone who wants to chat about sport.



    Outstanding Work for the Student’s Union

    Awarded to the volunteer who has delivered an outstanding campaign or project which has enhanced HUU and demonstrated consistent dedication which has enhanced HUU.


    • Joshua McMullen

    Leading RAG in its most successful year in recent history, Josh has spent his time building extremely strong foundations for the future.   Successes this year include the Animal Sanctuary event which saw over 700 students attend, raising both money and the profile of RAG amongst students who may not have engaged with RAG before. Another win was Jailbreak which reached national news. Nominations have described Josh as “just being awesome”.

    • Daryl Jones

    Daryl is a dedicated and long-serving member of the students union who has done amazing work, especially with disabled people in the surrounding area. He has always gone above and beyond to contribute to HUU and the Welfare Zone, and has been a reliable force to help LGBT+ with any issues that they have had.

    • Adam Knight

    Adam has devoted hours of his time to offer technical and engineering support to Hullfire Media. Without Adam Hullfire Radio would not have reached the growth it has achieved over past 2 years. Adam has spent hours and hours during vacation times building, making, fixing, programming, and generally creating the necessary environment for Hullfire media to operate. Adam is truly one of HUU's unsung heroes. He has put more time and effort in during his time at Hull University to support and create a successful student media than most people would in a full time paid job. The expertise, time and passion which he gives freely, and has done throughout his time at university, should be recognised as he prepares to graduate. He has a unique mixture of technical and creative skills which have benefited HUU immensely.

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