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    Welcome Week Tips and Advice from Endsleigh

    posted: 26th August 2013, 9:00am
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    What are the chances of getting through university without losing, dropping, drenching or damaging your laptop or phone, or it being grabbed from your bag or room?

    Well, unfortunately 1 in 3 students will experience theft of items like laptops and phone whilst at university. With nearly 50 years’ experience we understand what’s important to students and that’s why we’re the only insurance provider to promise a 24* hour laptop and phone replacement service.

    Endsleigh is the No.1 student insurance specialist. We were formed by NUS, so our insurance is tailored to university life and beyond.

    Insure your laptop, phone and other gadgets today against theft, loss, accidental & liquid damage.

    The hub

    There’s more to Endsleigh than just insurance. They’ve created the hub for students & graduates to share all the stuff they have learnt over the last 48 years of working with students. You’ll find news, advice, student blogs and everything else you need to know before you go to uni, while you’re there and when you leave. They cover all aspects of student life including managing your money, employability, technology and the latest from our team of student bloggers to support you through your university career and beyond. Come and join the discussion:


    Your best Freshers’ moments fuel Endsleigh’s competition, whether it’s freebie-finding, going all-out on fancy dress, bonding with your new house mates or dealing with a Freshers’-sized hang-over: the more Freshers’ moments you share, the more prizes they’ll unlock. To enter, share your best Freshers’ moments on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #endsleighfuelyourfreshers for your chance to win great prizes throughout the whole Freshers’ period.

    Join in at

    An overdraft can be a necessity for a student and chances are you’ve never had to use yours until now. Read on to find out how to make the most of yours without getting into trouble whiles you’re at university! Graduate Dan explains your overdraft in 7 easy steps:

    Do you really need it?

    If you’ve had a job before university or are considering working throughout your studies, is an overdraft something you’ll really need? The opportunity to work, make money and build a possible career while studying is a far more attractive prospect than getting into debt.

    How much should it be?

    The level of overdraft will be dependent on the bank you choose, but be honest with yourself and ask how much you genuinely need?  Certain banks will provide tiered overdrafts which have certain levels for each year of study. These can be extremely useful as they mean that it is easier to manage debt, and if you don’t need any extra then don’t take it!

    What can I get with it?

    As is the case these days, almost all student accounts come with overdrafts as standard, so instead of jumping in and choosing the one with the highest limit; look at what is available alongside that account instead. Different accounts will offer certain perks ranging from cash back to a free Young Persons Railcard, which as a student comes in very handy for those countrywide trips to see friends or simply taking washing home to the parents!

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    11 Freshers’ week tips.
    Freshers’ Week is one of the most memorable weeks of your life. It’s a busy week full of meeting people, Freshers’ Fairs, going out, chasing freebies, introductory lectures and maybe (if you’ve got any time free) missing home. It can all be a bit overwhelming, but luckily, student blogger Beth has 11 tips for making the most of Freshers’ Week, enjoy!

    Fresh start.
    Be yourself. University is a chance to be completely true to yourself and express who you are as a person along with hundreds of other students. Smile and talk to everyone, these could be new life-long friends you are meeting.

    Research your chosen Degree before you get there.
    You may be required to already know a bit about certain aspects of the course, but it does help if you have taken the initiative to research your workload so it doesn’t come as a surprise. Why not read up about the University itself before landing? It will give you a heads up on where to go and who to talk to.

    Education is still important.
    Don’t completely neglect your studies amidst all the excitement and clubbing. You’re there for a Degree after all and despite it being a really big social leap for you, attending lectures and keeping up with work is essential. Deadlines at University are a lot more stringent than at College or Sixth Form so get in the habit of being prepared for them from the start and your first year will go by breezily!

    Skype is a must.
    Phone bills can be a killer of student budgets so invest in a cheap webcam (most laptops already have one built in) before going to University and you’ll save a lot of money through free Skype calls to friends or family

    Homesickness is normal.
    Try not to let it take over during the first few weeks. Staying busy is a must and try not to call home every other hour. Soon you’ll find it hard to remember to call home with all the events and assignments piling up!

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    Apps to make uni life easier

    Your phone is a device that never leaves your side and for good reason, we like to be connected at all times and our phone is often an essential lifeline to our social and professional world. For broke students though, we need our smartphones to last longer and do more so that we don’t have to shell out essential loan money on a new phone.

    So here’s our guide to help you get the most from your phone during University, maximising your smartphone’s potential so that if your laptop or computer does fail, it’s not the end of your world.

    1.iStudiez Pro / Lite – iOS - £1.99

    This is where your course should effectively live; serving mainly as a calendar, but also a task manager, reminder app and reference, iStudiez Pro allows you to store every step of your academic career so that you’re never lost for where to go next or what you need to work on.

    2. Wunderlist – iOS, Android – Free

    An attractive list maker that also serves as a task manager – letting you set reminders to make sure you’re getting your projects in on time. Wunderlist also syncs with its web app, meaning your task list can follow you everywhere you go – great for that forgetful student.

    3. Trello – iOS, Android – Free

    Trello is that app that maybe sits unused on your phone for a while – until that day when you’re assigned that dreaded group project. When a group task does arrive, Trello comes into its own, allowing you to collaboratively organise group tasks and view everyone’s progress at a glance. An absolute lifesaver.

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