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    Charity of the Semester Announced

    posted: 6th November 2014, 9:35am
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    During the two days of the Societies and Volunteering Fair, Raising and Giving (RAG) were out in force to ensure that we got a brand new Charity of the Semester. Last year, our Semester One charity was Help for Heroes and together we raised over £1000!

    This year, your nominees were:

    Foodbank Hull: A local initiative which helps those who cannot afford basic food attain emergency food from local donations and government schemes

    Stop the Traffik: An organisation that works to alleviate the issue of black market trafficking worldwide

    British Heart Foundation: A national organisation which works to help people and families who have had heart problems rehabilitate and research into the causes of heart failure

    You voted in your thousands (2491 to be exact!) and the results are in!

    Foodbank Hull: 459

    Stop the Traffik: 1270

    British Heart Foundation: 762

    So Stop the Traffik is your victorious Charity of the Semester for the first semester!

    There are collection pots in Sanctuary and Johnny Mac, and we’ve already raised over £100 for the charity in RAG’s sponsored fish slap on October 30th.

    To raise money for this charity, or to get involved in any other fundraising on campus, contact the RAG Committee on [email protected]


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