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    #ChallengeChuby: A Lesson in Pro

    posted: 18th February 2016, 3:00pm
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    Looking back I cannot remember a time in my life were I was not a fan or pro wrestling. I loved every moment we would put on the television to watch some of our favourites like the Undertaker, John Cena, the Rock and so on, then afterwards I and my younger brother will go on to replicate what we have seen(What warnings??!!). Growing up though, I had my reservations about pro wrestling due to what I believed was lack of realism. Apparently, life has a funny way of teaching me a lesson about what I believe or not…

    When I was challenged to do wrestling, the first thing that came to my mind was Olympic wrestling to which I was like ‘Yes Boss!’ but when I was told it was WWE style wrestling my reaction changed completely. Now I have had banter with friends about how much i think that style of wrestling is unreal so I was like this will be a walk in the park…Challenge accepted!! When the day came I was so excited I came in to work with my sports gear in the bag waiting for evening time to come and when the time came I was ready, waiting for my taxi (which took its time). When I finally got to the New Generation Wrestling (NGW) academy, they received me well but pleasantries lasted for 10 seconds and I was already getting into it. A friend of mine who works at NGW told me that the warm-up was the worst part and I thought to myself ‘How hard could it be?’, that’s were I learnt my first lesson because after 10 minutes I was about to collapse ( my stamina is not what it used to be). Once that moment of pain was over it was on to the fun stuff, first I had forwards rolls then body slam before going into grappling. As much as some people including myself would say that some of the hits and slams are fake, it takes a lot of effort and precision to make sure that you do them successfully otherwise you could end with terrible or permanent damage. There were a few times I was kicked in ribs by accident and I nearly did the same to another person thankfully we were able to bounce back from the pain and continue but it taught me that it can never be perfect and accidents do happen.

    After that sessions, I now have a renewed admiration and respect for the sport, its not as easy as it looks and takes a lot of intense training to perfect the art. The guys were very receptive and supportive and I thank them and NGW for being absolute legends, I also want to thank Eltimir Alexandrov for sending this challenge. My body was in pain for the next few days but it was so worth it, I will definitely be going there soon to have another training session(apparently I am a natural).

    Until the next challenge, take it easy people


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