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    This Blog is Full of Rubbish…

    posted: 1st June 2016, 12:00pm
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    What is bin raiding?

    Bin raiding is where someone searches your bins for semi-valuable items to clean up and sell on, or personal details, which may enable them to commit identity fraud.


    The problem

    Bin raiding is often linked with identity theft, with thieves accessing personal details from discarded  documents such as bank and credit card statements or bills. If you were to become a victim of identity theft, it may affect your chances of getting a mortgage in future.

    As well as the individual affected, bin raiding can also have negative impacts on the community. Bin raiders don’t particularly care what mess they leave, often discarding unwanted items and rubbish in the street. No-one wants to live in a messy street, not least the permanent residents that live nearby. Rubbish left in the streets, whether side waste, or the aftermath left by bin raiders, looks unsightly, it can smell, promote fly-tipping and even cause rats!


    What you can do

    ·       Put your wheelie bin out after 7am on the date of collection, and retrieve it as soon as possible after it’s been emptied.

    ·       Where possible, store your bins to the rear or the property.

    ·       Ensure that all documentation containing your personal information is shredded, for example your bank statements, application forms and receipts.

    ·       Once you move out, get your post re-directed as soon as possible, this prevents your mail getting into the wrong hands.

    ·       Start to clear out early! If 5 of you move out at the same time, your bins will inevitably be over spilling. Start sorting through what is going with you, what can be binned, and what can be donated to help excellent causes.

    ·       If you have clothes, furniture, electrical or reusable items that are in working order and in a saleable condition, don't throw them out! Take them to one of the local charity shops, some of whom will even collect your items free of charge!

    For more information on moving out and managing your waste, visit

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