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    Activities Awards 2015 Nominee Shortlist

    posted: 21st April 2015, 1:00pm
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    The International Students Association

    Cultural Group of the Year

    For the group of individuals who have made a positive impact within our student community, by providing cultural opportunities during the year.


    • Brazilian Student Community

    • Hindu Society

    • Language and Culture Society

    The Internationalisation Award

    For the group/individual who has been the most active in integrating international and home cultures in our student community.


    • Breakdance Society

    • Daryl Jones

    • Ellie Gillies

    The International Student Support Award

    For the student who has offered continuous support to returning and new international students.


    • Lina Sernaite

    • Marina Segalin

    • Sabina Bujdei

    International Student of the Year

    For the student who has made an overall outstanding contribution to the international student community at the University of Hull.


    • Chubike “Chuby” Okide

    • Mayara Cardoso Grigorio

    Raising and Giving

    Most Challenging Challenger

    For the Kilimanjaro trek member who has been the most innovative fundraiser for the 2015 trek.


    • Bobby Houseago

    • Ellie Gillies

    • Jack Unwin

    Fundraising Event of the Year

    For the fundraising event that has been successful and has positively impacted on the student community.


    • Swing Dance Society: 24hour Lindy-Hop-a-Thon

    • MedSoc: 48hour CPR Marathon

    • Dance Society: Once Upon a Time – Christmas Dance Show

    Most Dedicated Fundraising Volunteer

    For the fundraiser who has shown outstanding overall contribution and efforts to their cause.


    • Josh McMullan

    • Lawrence Titley

    • Tom Rowland

    Hullfire Media

    Hullfire TV’s Video/Coverage of the Year

    For the video or event coverage that has engaged students and made the most impact in the student community.


    • Elections Night (Hullfire Media)

    • MMA Fight Night (Elton Alexandrov)

    • Science Guys (Nathan Thompson and James Smith)

    Hullfire Radio’s Show of the Year

    The radio show that has been consistently outstanding throughout the year.


    • Hull Lotta Love (Jay James)

    • Pre-Lash (Laurence Cresswell)

    • Radio Ska Ska (Nathan Simm)

    The Hullfire’s Section of the Year; Editor, News, Science, Life, Music, Sport

    For the section of the paper that has been inspiring and engaging throughout the year.


    • Life (Sian James)

    • Music (Ciara Hanstock)

    • Sport (Tim Barrass)

    Most Dedicated Contributor; Hullfire TV, Hullfire Radio, The Hullfire

                The three individuals who have gone above and beyond for their media.

    TV Nominees:

    • Josh Baker

    • Science Guys: Nathan Thompson and James Smith

    Radio Nominees:

    • Colm Simpson

    • Laurence Cresswell

    The Hullfire Newspaper Nominees:

    • Ciara Hanstock

    • Miriam Gohar

    • Sarah Barradell


    The Network Award

    For the society that has most successfully been involved with joint events with other student groups.


    • Debating Society

    • Hull University Labour Club

    The Sunflower Award

    For the society that has seen the most improved growth in activity during 2014-15.


    • Chemistry Society

    • English Society

    • Politics Society

    Most Dedicated Individual

    For the society member who has given the most passion and enthusiasm to their society.


    • Rebecca Davis: Dance Society

    • Cameron O’Byrne: Gilbert and Sullivan Society

    • Jack Bridges: Performing Arts Society

    Outstanding Executive Member

    For the society committee member who has gone above and beyond for their society throughout the year.


    • Andrew Pope: Law Society

    • Bethany Courtney: Harry Potter Society

    • Connor Ferguson: Conservative Future Society

    Award for Society Excellence

    For the society that has provided the most quality opportunities for it’s members throughout the year.


    • Dance Society

    • Debating Society

    • Investment and Trading Society

    The Top Two

    The Innovation Award

    For the student who has encouraged the development and improvement of opportunities in the zone.


    • Sarah Barradell

    • Verity Goodyear

    The Activities Zone Volunteer of the Year

    For the zone volunteer who has continuously put in a high standard of dedication and commitment for the Activities Zone.


    • Amber Jenkins

    • Josh Baker

    • Simon Bagg

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