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    Activities Awards 2016: Shortlist

    posted: 11th April 2016, 12:00pm
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    Activities Awards Shortlist

    The HUU Activities Zone is made up of the International Students Association (ISA), Raising and Giving (RAG), Societies and Hullfire Student Media. The Masquerade-themed evening will act as an opportunity to bring all groups together, celebrating the past year and those who have gone above and beyond in everything they do! Below, you can find the shortlist of incredible volunteers for our 2016 Awards - as nominated by you:


    Society Excellence Swing Dance
    Outstanding Exec Member Beth Parnell - Swing Dance
      James Fox - Anime
      Beth Ramsden - Drama
    Network Award Anime
    Most Dedicated Individual Tom Rowland - MedSoc
      Max Cummins - WARPS
      Lydia Baldwin - Rock
    Fundraising Event of the Year Animal Sanctuary
      Medsoc 48hr CPR Marathon
      48hr Dance Marathon
    Growth Award Marrow
      Language & Culture
      Mental Health Awareness
    Cultural Group of the Year Chinese
      Language & Culture
    Internationalisation Award Japanese
      Language & Culture
    Innovation Award Nathan Thompson - Chair Media
      Stuart Negus - SEC
      Laurence Cresswell - HullFire Newspaper
    Radio Show of the Year John Mount & Alex Reynolds 'What they don't tell you'
      Nick Smith & Jeremy Pernell 'The Night Shift'
      Jamie Boote 'The Monday Motivator'
    HullFire: Section of the Year News
      Editor - Laurence Cresswell
    Most Dedicated Fundraising Volunteer Ellam Fox
      Sophia Phelps
      Jennie Watts
    Volunteer of the Year Amy Jackson
      Josh McMullan
      Adam Knight


    Most Challenging Challenger Henry Daniel
      Sophie Riordan
      Tom McNamara


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