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Part-Time Officer Reports - Semester 2 - 2017

Part-time  Officer Accountability Reports Semester  2 2016/17


Connor Robinson

- Successful weekend  away in March. Feedback  received and  much  to implement and learn from for next year's weekend  away.

- Great trip to London marathon volunteering on behalf of SJA. Met other LINKS units from across the country which provided good  insight into their universities and how their units run.

- Bake sale fundraising was a success.

- First aid demonstrations were well received. Looking at more  outreach programs for next semester.


LGBT+ Officer

Connor Massey

We’ve had a very busy second  semester. First off we have had our elections and myself and Lexi Auger were elected to be the LGBT+ Officers for next year, we also have a full committee ready for next year and have met up and started to make plans for next year. I’ve been  working very closely with the wider LGBT+ community at Hull especially when it comes to organising what the university and union will be doing for Pride in Hull (UK Pride) on the 22nd  of July. We continued with our campaign for this year which was LGBT+ and Sport, we went to a lot of different training sessions to help get  more  LGBT+ students to go  to feel confident  in joining them,  we’ve also been working very closely with the AU and will continue this next year. I brought forward a motion to allow the Trans Representative a vote on Union Council which was passed,  I hope this will allow trans people to improve the union even more  and bring their concerns  up more. We ran a fair few large events such as Pride Party and Eurovision which both  had high attendance and raised a fair bit for charity. Some people had issues with how the LGBT+ Liberation Campaign  was being ran and so there  was a meeting held in which people could lay out their grievances, we took on board  the grievances which could be dealt  with and  have improved ourselves. Something that I’m  really  proud  of was our  collaboration  with  the  Jewish  Society  on  holding  two  events  on Holocaust Memorial Day to raise awareness and combat Neo-Nazism. We also did many different events throughout LGBT+ History Month which were well attended.

For next year I have a lot of different plans on what I’d like to do and I hope  to make sure that the LGBT+ Liberation Campaign  reaches  more people next year.


Faculty Rep FACE

Jack Price

Since becoming FACE rep in December,  I aimed to improve the amount of student representation in terms of amount of reps. I did this by recruiting and prepping my own replacement as history school rep as well as this I did the same for the English school rep.

Away from increasing  student reps  I  also  attended a number of meetings in  which  I  raised  a number of issues around student experience. Including the lack of teaching experience for post- graduate students. I also held a number of meetings between myself and the school reps to gain information on issues that they had, including issues surrounding study abroad programs.

This led to myself and a school rep trying to improve the welfare of students when they are on years abroad. This led to a number of meetings between myself and  a number of members of staff both academic and support. This led to a meeting in which the concerns  that were gathered from language students were passed along  to a member of staff in charge  of a team  which is building the new study abroad framework.

I also helped to deal with the fallout from the change in the language learning centre,  as when students were moved  to the library many were not happy with it. So I and the school rep met to discuss the issues surrounding its move. Out of this I organised a meeting between the concerned students and the VP Education. The problems around the learning centre are still there but there are now much clearer lines of communication between the university and students.


The Hullfire (Newspaper)

Tim Goodfellow

At the  start  of my time as editor of The Hullfire  I wanted  to revitalise a student paper which had floundered recently and did not have as much presence on campus as I would have liked as a budding writer and journalist. I wanted to bring out more papers  than last year and  re-establish  the  brand  in  the  eyes  of students,  getting  as many  involved  as possible.

With the help of others  I brought out five issues of the paper  this year, which have been well received and have contained high quality student content.  We have engaged with a number  of contacts  outside of Uni including local breweries, Hull City Hall, the BBC and more, made  new contacts  and covered  local and  international stories in order  to bring engaging student journalism to readers.  We have used  the Hullfire website when it has been  available  and  working  to  publish  stories  and  at  all times  used  social  media  to promote the Hullfire and let people know about  changes or events.

I recruited  a team  of editors to help with editing the different sections  of the paper  and a designer who has helped massively on the  design of the  paper  and  other  aspects  of promotion. Alongside other  parts  of student media we have put on events, socials and meetings to engage with students, provide them with experience and give opportunities to meet  new people.

I have faced a couple of challenges along the way but ones which were resolved properly and ultimately helped me to grow and improve. That is the nature  of getting involved in something like this; that  you should  come  out  the  other  side with more  life and  work experience  and hopefully be a more rounded person. I have met some great people and made  friends  with those  I’ve  worked  with.  I  would  recommend taking  up  the  role  to anyone.


Chair RAG

Danielle Griffin


RAG have had a much quieter semester two than the first semester, but that is not to say

that we haven’t still achieved an incredible amount. Raising RAG’s Profile

There has been  a continuation of societies and sports teams  fundraising throughout this semester and  telling  us  about   it,  which  is  testament to  how  much  our  profile  has increased since last year. Our social media has also continued to increase, with almost

1000 Facebook  page  likes (Hull University Union RAG) and over 750 followers on Twitter (@hullrag).  This has  continued to  gain  us  national  recognition for  our  social media presence. A special thank you must be given to Ellie Wild, our Publicity Officer, for her continued hard work creating the RAG brand that is now so recognisable across campus.


Raising Donations  and Awareness

After our incredible semester one total of over £25,000, we were keen to continue  with that momentum. Our Animal Sanctuary event raised £1334.86 for the local RSPCA, with approximately 350 people attending.   We changed the format  from last year so that  it was more structured and less stressful for the animals – this received great feedback from the  RSPCA.  We do  not  have  a current  total  as  we are  waiting  for sports  teams  and societies to get back to us but our predicted total for the year is approximately £100,000 overall. We will not know our year total until after our Kilimanjaro climbers have finished fundraising in August so keep an eye out for the big announcement!


Raising Volunteer Numbers  and Engagement

Our Charity Showcase  was a great  opportunity for our volunteers to get  involved and, despite a low attendance as a result of clashing with the Elections Night, received a great reception from those  who did attend.  We also hosted the National Student  Fundraising Association’s first  regional  event  for the  North,  which saw other RAGs from the  area coming to Hull for a day of workshop sessions. This was a great  event for our volunteers as well, as it gave them  some extra tips and tools.


Other Achievements

There have also been  plenty of other things going on this semester. We finally got a new cupboard solely for our use and introduced a sign-out sheet,  which means  that we can keep track of our buckets  and materials. We also recruited  for our Budapest  Marathon challenge – the uptake  wasn’t as high as we had expected but we have worked with the new committee to improve this for next year. We were very honoured to host a screening of SOLD: The Movie, jointly with City of Culture and the Women of the World Festival, as part of its national tour in aid of the Childreach International Taught Not Trafficked Campaign.  A few of us also attended the Childreach Annual Conference  and I delivered a session on ‘How to run a RAG’ for other  RAGs in attendance. This has continued our work promoting Hull RAG on a national platform.


Looking Forward

Our Kilimanjaro team  have raised over £39,000 so far and rising, with two of our teams in the  top  10 UK fundraisers  for Childreach International. We also potentially have the biggest team  in the country! Our Jailbreak event  has already raised over £1,000 for the Eye Fund and is set to rise as the event draws closer. The event is on Tuesday 13th  June so keep an eye out to see how far this year’s teams  get!

The handover for next year’s committee is well and  truly underway.  They have already planned most  of their events  for next year and are currently coming  to a final decision on the challenges they will be offering. We have also started  the ball rolling with a new exciting international volunteering opportunity but I will  leave it for them  to announce this. Bobby, our Treasurer, and I were lucky enough to secure funding for them from the Union to all attend this year’s RAG Conference  being held in Southampton in August. This will be a great  opportunity for them  to learn from and network with other  student fundraisers  and  charity professionals. I will  be there  in my NaSFA capacity as Regional Officer for the North and Scotland so it will be great  to see them there as well.

Thank You

Last but not least, I have to say that the biggest thing to happen this semester for RAG was at the HUU Awards. We received the Activities Zone Team of the Year, which we are incredibly  proud  of and  I  personally  received  the  Outstanding Work for the  Students’ Union Award for my work as a Part-time  Officer. I was overwhelmed to receive this and would like to take this opportunity to thank  the rest of the  RAG committee. It has not been  an easy year, especially with two of the  committee leaving, but we are incredibly proud  of the  things  we have  achieved  and  it has  been  a real  team  effort.  RAG have volunteered over 1500 hours as a committee this academic year. We have also been  very grateful  for the  support we have  had  from the  Union in  our work this year, especially from the VP Activities, the Community Volunteering Co-ordinator and the Membership Services Director. We look forward to seeing the incredible things next year’s RAG committee go on to achieve!


Councillor for Scrutiny –  Governance Zone

Oliver Taylor

Over this semester I have attended and chaired the meetings of the Governance zone. As part of my commitments to the  Governance zone  I have  scrutinised the  budget of the  zone  with the Democracy  & Governance Co-ordinator. In my role as a councillor I have also offered  advice to the members of the zone and as chair supported the VP Scarborough as he transitioned to being responsible for the zone following the departure of the President. In addition to this I have served as the Chair of Union Council. In this role, I ran the meetings and worked with the DGC to ensure that  meetings ran  efficiently  and  that  councillors  gained   the  best  experience  possible  from attending these  meetings.  I had  no projects of my own this semester but continued to support the governance zone officers with their projects.


No report  submitted

Campaigns  & Democracy Officer, Edward Towers

BAME Officer, Claire Govera

Women’s Officer, Kym Cardona

Postgraduate Research Officer, Rebecca Devine Faculty Rep Science & Engineering, Steven Storey Faculty Rep Health Sciences, Victoria Welborn

Faculty Reps Business, Law and Politics, Charlie Hart and Theodoros Stylianou


Societies Presidents’ Rep, Max Cummins

Scarborough Executive Athletic Union Executive


Vacant positions

Environment & Ethics Officer

Disabled Student Officer

Mature Students Officer

Part-time  Students Officer

Postgraduate Taught Officer

International Students Officer

Chair SEC


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