Sat, September 22, 2018 - 07:54

JAM Radio Renovation!

Local radio entrepreneurs Peter Jarrett and Liam Burke, came back to their old stomping ground before WelcomeFest and successfully transformed the Jam radio station into a modern workplace for those looking to launch their radio careers.


Both Peter and Liam, founders of Broadcast Radio in Hessle, who graduated in ’96 and ’97, began their careers in the same JAM studio at HUU.


Turning over £1 million annually, the pair have gone on to create one of the most successful radio providing services in the country, facilitating complete services for broadcast technology; Broadcast Radio.  


Without the University Union and JAM Radio the two would never have met or gone into the digital radio industry.


This year holds significance for the two as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, of both the working partnership and their time at JAM.


To celebrate they gifted the Union with the latest state of the art technology, the Myriad System, from their very own company and fitted it their selves in a fitting tribute to the place where it all began - improving the digital radio experience of the producers, DJs and listeners.


During their time at University Peter and Liam pioneered many campaigns and ideas. This included being one of the first Student radio stations to allow for 24 hr radio and one of the first four pilot stations in the country to receive their AM license.


Peter said: “It’s great to be back here after all this time. JAM Radio helped the two of us to launch our careers, and we hope the new equipment can help to launch many more!”


Now the station is kitted out with the latest Myriad system and the city is enjoying its City of Culture title… who knows what might be next for the team at the Students’ Union?

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