Peter Tatchell - Human Rights Campaigner

Hull University Secularist, Atheist and Humanist Society presents Peter Thatchell - Human Rights Campaigner, in association with Hull University Amnesty International Society

To be held at the University of Hull - 6th December 2017 in Wilberforce Lecture Theatre 1

Tickets are £3 and are available from HUU or online

For all enquiries please contact:



-Muslim Solidarity initiative seeks to encourage dialogue, unity and solidarity between the Muslim 



communities – to oppose all hate.

It has been prompted by requests from LGBT Muslims who have suffered abuse and harassment, from fellow Muslims. They’ve asked us to challenge homophobic prejudice within their communities.

As well as doing that, our aim is to reach out to bring the Muslim and LGBT communities together, to oppose the intolerance, discrimination and hate crime that both communities experience, including the threats from far-rightgroups like the EDL and from far-right Islamists who are sexist and anti-LGBTI. 

We also seek to challenge orthodox Islamic theology, which underpins the homophobia of many Muslims. It is based on a misreading the Quran, which does not condemn LGBTI people and contains no explicit prohibitions or punishments for same-sex acts. 



Date Venue Price  
Wednesday 6th December 2017, 6:00 pm Wilberforce Building From £3.00 Find Tickets