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    BLOG: Sports Week

    posted: 5th February 2014, 12:22pm
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    As you may or may not know, the 10th – 16th of February will see the arrival of ‘Sports Week’. It’s not something we’ve done before, and if I’m completely honest I wasn’t sure where I was headed with it! But now, all organised and ready to go its manifested itself as a week of charity events, give it a go sessions, a talk, and predominantly a sporty build up to our main event – Varsity.

    Throughout the week there will be various things going on for you to get involved in, as well as opportunities to witness some of our AU clubs in action – so make sure you pick up a leaflet from the Univerisity House Reception if you don’t get one already from our sports volunteers who will be handing them out around campus. Don’t forget to join the ‘Sports Week & The Humber Games’ Facebook event for daily updates.

    Rugby League will try their luck at netball for the Steve Prescott Foundation and Rugby Union hold their annual ‘man auction’ in Asylum for Help for Heroes (always entertaining!). The Stingers in Motion Wheelchair Basketball Club join us to put on a session for anyone who wants to get involved, and Nick Hawkins (Chief Crown Prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service with the lead for sports matters) has kindly offered to do a talk. It’s going to be an entertaining 7 days, and as you’ll all be a week in to lectures, why don’t you come and get involved in something a bit different to let off some steam?

    Can’t make anything during the week? Last summer saw a big decision be made in regards to our annual Varsity event, which is on Sunday 16th February, so come along to a day that will be filled with an “Olympicesque” atmosphere and support some of our teams.

    For 2014 we have moved away from our old rivals York and started a new partnership with the University of Lincoln; one that I feel will continue for years to come and a collaboration that will only better our Varsity event in ways of sportsmanship and enjoyment.

    During Varsity, over 30 fixtures will be played between Hull and Lincoln on campus, with the day’s winner being presented the brand new trophy in Asylum at 8.30pm. Win or lose (and I strongly believe we can take home the trophy), we will continue the day’s fun WITH our opponents on Sunday night. The night is open to everyone, so come and join us in a sea of foam fingers and varsity t-shirts, and celebrate your Athletic Unions hard work! 

    I’d like to say a big thank you to those who have helped me with this week and Clubs that have got involved! I am as always very grateful. 


    For a full list of Sports Week Events Click HERE 

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