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    posted: 15th January 2014, 1:04pm
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    I hope that you have managed to find time to relax with loved ones and take a break from assignment stress. 

    Exams and essay deadlines are well and truly here, and I find myself struggling to write an inspiring share-worthy blog to you. Who wants the VP Education when you’ve got buzzfeed these days? Why read about the Students' Union when you can do a fabulous quiz on how northern you are? Just so you know I’m definitely from the MIGHTY MIDLANDS. Anyway, prepared or not, the chances are you are feeling stressed, tired and praying (insert your final assignment date here) will come around as soon as possible so it can all be over, whilst simultaneously wishing you had more time to revise. My advice to you at this point is very simple.


    Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep each night, only you will know what that looks like for you, unless you think you can get by on two hours a night, if you’re that person, sorry you are wrong. A good amount of rest will mean your ability to concentrate is improved.

    You also need a balanced diet, take the time to cook meals, it’s easy to revise whilst cooking if you feel that you need to. For example give yourself quick questions as you’re waiting for the water to boil, or set yourself tasks to complete  before your meal is ready. Your brain will thank you after being fed.

    Revision works best if you repeat what works for you, get yourself into a good rhythm and don’t lose it. Once you have found what works for you, be it with regard to sleeping, making revision cards, or mind maps, we all learn in different ways and it is important you stick at what you like.

    I hope you are enjoying the new Library spaces that have been created; the project right now is at its biggest pressure point, with the amount of spaces available in the building at it’s lowest. However you probably have better access than ever before to power in the building. We have been able to work with the University to provide you with extra spaces through the assessment period (13th - 24th January). Rooms are available exclusively for you to study in across campus in University House, Staff House, Wilberforce and the Cohen Building. Just keep your eyes peeled for a poster around campus or check out the library or our website for more information.

    Finally, I have a bit of an achievement I wish to communicate with you. The University Code of Practice on Personal Supervision was reviewed in the last academic year and I was privileged enough to be a member of the working group. We had recently done some research and I knew from my own experience that there is a great deal of inequality within the Personal Supervision System. I requested training for all academic staff that engaged in Personal Supervision. At first I was rejected but then another committee accepted my proposal to have compulsory online training for all Personal Supervisors. Now it features in the staff bulletin every week and has a good response which I think is really exciting, so fingers crossed for some improvements in the near future!

    Once again Happy New Year and don’t forget eat, sleep, revise repeat!

    With Education Love,


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