Here at HUU we are currently undertaking some exciting work on our vision – we’ll be launching this work in December 2017.

Our mission guides the work that we do every day for our members.

Our mission is:

To enhance the lives of every person studying at the University of Hull

  1. By bringing you together
  2. Offering you opportunities to develop
  3. Representing & empowering you to make change.               

 Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They are:          

Team Spirit

We work together by supporting and understanding one another, working together as a team to achieve our goals. We appreciate and respect one another. We have fun and celebrate our achievements together.


We believe that everybody matters and that all voices should be heard. We live our values on a daily basis by treating everyone with fairness and respect. All staff and students have equal opportunities.


We act and communicate in an honest, transparent way. We listen to, value and respect everybody’s opinions and are willing to change for the better.

Be Outstanding

We are committed to achieving and exceeding standards and going beyond. We challenge ourselves, and are proactive in our approach to everything we do; we take pride in our work. We keep our promises and do what we say we’ll do. 

Student Led

We create opportunities by supporting and encouraging all students. We listen, review and change to ensure that we continue to meet our members’ needs. We provide Sabbatical Officers and other student representatives with effective support and tools to fully represent the student body


We encourage, support and create opportunities to further learn and develop. If we make mistakes we will grow, learn and improve from them.


We encourage and recognise new ideas. We break the mould and challenge ourselves.


Our goals and strategic priorities

In 2014 we completed a strategy review, which helped us to develop strategic priorities. We identified our priorities by talking to stakeholders (students, the University, our local community), considering the University strategy and the higher education environment, and by considering how our skills and knowledge can deliver the most impact for our members. In 2015 we ‘sense-checked’ our strategic priorities with our members, since then we’ve been working hard develop the infrastructure, relationships and processes we need to realise our mission.



Our enabling themes


We have a strong culture across HUU and are ‘One Team’ across all departments and both campuses. We recruit and develop great HUU people. We support and develop elected volunteers and Sabbatical Officers. Our teams live our values and are passionate about students. We have a high level of staff engagement. Our people feel valued and see how the work they do contributes to HUU’s vision.



We understand our diverse membership and produce relevant, targeted, engaging and accessible communications that meet their needs. We promote, protect and enhance our reputation and profile and increase public understanding of the economic, social and cultural impact (of our/our members’ activities). We provide functional information and internal communications so staff and volunteers are well informed about what is happening within the organisation and are able to do their job efficiently and effectively.


Sustainability & Development

We have a clear, effective and future-proof governance model. Our financial strategy is designed to ensure the financial security of HUU and underpin the central HUU strategy. We explore, implement and sustain best environmental practices across the Union and encourage our members to get involved with green initiatives. We effectively represent our members by continuing to build and enhance our relationship with the University it is a true partnership across all areas.


Our Strategic Themes

These are aspirational statements that between now and 2017 we will strive to make a reality for our members.

My Development

We will provide you with the opportunity to earn, give, participate and network. We will provide continuous opportunities to develop professionally, personally and culturally. We will help you recognise and understand the skills you’ve gained and are able communicate them successfully.


My Support

We will provide all members with advice and support from pre-arrival and throughout their academic journey. We care about the health and wellbeing of our members and will encourage students to embed healthy living within their student lives. We promote and provide members with the tools to become financially capable/sustainable. We will support student tenants and will work to improve accommodation quality through working with landlords and city council.


My Voice

We will ensure that all students are given the opportunity to affect change during their time at University. Our diverse democracy is accessible to all students.

We represent all students throughout their academic journey. Every student feels they can contribute to their course and feel part of an academic community.


My Union Services

We will provide diverse services that are relevant and accessible to every person studying at the University of Hull. We will continue to develop our building to ensure that it meets your needs. The profit that we make will be reinvested in our membership services.


My World

We are a key stakeholder in, and integral part of, our local communities offering our students a representative voice in community development and engagement. We create a vibrant campus where there are no dividing lines between different types of students. We welcome students from all over the world. All of our members will leave University with an international outlook and experience.


Where are we now?

During the 2016-17 session the Board of Trustees agreed to extend the life of the HUU strategy to 2020, We are currently working on a range of exciting projects to bring the strategy to life and deliver for our members. These projects include:

  • Providing an outstanding range of club, society, community volunteering and HUU employment opportunities for our member whilst developing the training, support and reflective opportunities we facilitate.


  • Making our independent advice and support services as accessible as possible to our members including increased outreach activities and ensuring best use of technology (My Support).


  • Continuing the work of our work to remove barriers to participation in our democratic process and to assert HUU’s role as the independent voice of students at the University of Hull (My Voice).


  • Developing plans to maximize the benefits of the £4.5million investment in Student Central (My Union Services).


  • Continuing to deliver and improve our inclusive WelcomeFest event working closely with the University and external partners to welcome new and returning students (My World).