The Neighbourhood Network is a registered charity, made up of Hull-based neighbourhood groups: residents groups, trader groups, Neighbourhood and Business Watch, tenants groups, allotment associations and any other group, however big or small, that are interested in community safety.

We work together to reduce crime, develop a good community spirit and create a safer environment where people are neighbourly and look out for each other.

You will get regular information to pass on to your members, opportunities to help you make a difference in your neighbourhood, and monthly community safety updates telling you what has been happening in your area.

If you would like to set up a group to suit you and your area, please do get in touch. It’s easy to do and FREE!

Student Groups

If you are a Student Community Rep or a student group you can join the network straight away, just complete and submit the registration form.

If you choose to you can easily register as a Neighbourhood Watch Group too, just look here to learn more.

There is lots of info about how to keep safe, and useful contacts in the University of Hull University Union Welfare area.

If you would like to raise issues or get more involved with your community, please contact Hull University Union.


Get in touch and join in

Visit the website for more details:

Email, call 01482 229666, follow them on Twitter @NNetworkHull or visit their Facebook page for the latest alerts and news about what’s happening.

Make a difference: Join the Neighbourhood Network.