Our student-led volunteering group manage a number of projects, working across a variety of areas. Examples of previous projects are provided below.

Kids Area

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Funday Wednesday

The children on this project come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the project gives them the chance to spend some time with their peers and older role models.

When: Wednesday afternoons during term-time.

Saturday Larkin

Similar to Funday Wednesday, this project also works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds and provides them with the opportunity to take part in activities they otherwise not have opportunity to participate in.

When: Saturday mornings during term time.


This is a project for children aged 5-13 who have been affected by domestic violence. Flintstones gives them some stability and gives them the opportunity to get away from it all.

When: Wednesday afternoons during term-time

Older People Area

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Pub Lunches

This project is for people who are unable to leave the house often or struggle to get to social activities. Volunteers accompany the participants to a different pub so they can enjoy a tasty meal.

When: Wednesday lunch times during term-time.


This project runs in St Clare House in Hull. Volunteers visit once a week to chat and develop a friendship with the residents, some of whom have dementia.

When: Volunteering times are flexible.

Disabilities Area

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This is a social project for adults aged 25 years and over with learning disabilities. The participants get to mix with a variety of different people; build their confidence and enjoy activities in a safe, supported environment.

When: Trekkers runs on Wednesday evenings during university term-time.

Education Area

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Primary Reading Project

This project takes place at St Nicholas primary school on Cottingham Road (ten minute walk from the University). Volunteers go into the school once a week for a morning or afternoon to hear the children read.

When: To be arranged with your Project Co-ordinator

Secondary Support Project

Volunteers on this project offer classroom support at a local secondary school. Volunteering takes place during the university term-time.

When: To be arranged with your Project Co-ordinator

Green Space

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On Campus

We’re looking for volunteers to help with gardening and general maintenance of the Community Garden on campus. If you register your interest you will be added to a mailing list and will be notified when activities are taking place.

Off Campus

We have a range of off-campus conservation projects for you to get involved in sometimes joining forces with organisations such as Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Activities are varied and range from general clearing up to encouraging wildlife and helping raise awareness of green issues within the local community.