Student Written Submission

Take a look at our Student Written Submission in full below.

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Quality Assurance

Four different areas will be investigated in the University Institutional Review.

  1. Academic Standards
  2. Learning Opportunities
  3. Public Information
  4. Enhancement

The University will write a document outlining their ability at each of these set in line with what is expected of them.

HUU will write a document that outlines the student perspective on each of these areas; this is called a Student Written Submission. We produce one every year to make sure that standards are continually upheld. When the review begins we will write a document based on the six years since the last review. Look out for our communications with you about the review.

To see the review document that the external agency (QAA - Quality Assurance Agency) wrote last time about the University, please go hereLink

This is where all your survey responses are put into action. These documents mean change happens for the betterment of your academic quality as well as the University as a whole, it's that simple! Almost - this process takes 52 weeks, yes, an entire year for a review of the four areas.

If you want to know more about Quality Assurance and what it means, please see the animations below: