Hull University Union has works with the University to make feedback better for students. Every time we speak to students about how they want to improve their learning experience, they mention feedback.

Back in August 2011 we worked to create a shared set of principles on assessment and feedback called The Feedback Charter. The purpose of this charter is to clearly communicate to students what you are entitled to with regard to feedback, the many various forms that feedback can take and also what your responsibilities as students are.

Check out the Charter below and remember if you are dissatisfied with the feedback you received, please raise your concerns with your personal supervisor or your Course Representative.

Why feedback is important to you:

  • It helps you to learn
  • It highlights strengths and areas for development
  • It helps you to understand your mark/grade
  • It helps you to build on your strengths


Feedback you receive could include:

  • Written feedback
  • Oral feedback
  • Podcasts
  • Feedback via tutorials
  • Typed feedback
  • Script annotations
  • Dialogue via email
  • And many more formats or informal mechanisms


What should I expect?

  • Feedback on ALL assessments
  • Feedback that is timely, usually no longer than four semester weeks
  • Feedback that is clear and, where written, legible
  • Feedback that is related to your learning outcomes
  • Further clarity on feedback on request


You are expected to...

  • Pick up your feedback
  • Read your feedback thoroughly
  • Ask for further clarity if you don’t understand it
  • Ask for additional support if you’d like it
  • Use your feedback when preparing for future assessments