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Advice Centre

University can be the best time of your life, but as with anything there may be times when you feel that you are struggling. If you feel like things are mounting up and you need some practical advice, our Advice Centre is here to support, advise and guide you through your student journey.

For free, confidential and impartial advice the Advice Centre is the place to go, about any issues you may face as a student. Whether it’s problems to do with student financial hardship, funding, academic problems, housing, or employment issues (to name just a few). Even if you just need a chat, the advice team are always here to listen and support you in a friendly, relaxed environment.

We actively strive to provide the best service for our students and as members of Advice UK and other advice organisations, we deliver the most current, relevant and accurate information at all times.

So whether you want to talk one-to-one, on the phone or by email, we are here to support you and deal with all queries on a confidential basis. You can check out our handly leaflets or visit us at the Advice Centre on the third floor of the Union building, at one of our available slots to the right.


 Money Worries

We understand that increasingly students are being put under more pressure financially. We can advise you on budgeting techniques, emergency funding, benefit entitlement, additional funding for groups such as students with children, negotiation with creditors, and generally ensuring you are aware of all funding options open to you.

Worried about the cost of calling Student Finance? We have a free phone available to use on the third floor of the Union, so you can contact them without the additional fees.


Top Tips

  • Make a budget using Hull Money Doctors.
  • Find out about government funding. If you’re a parent, single parent or a disabled student there are extra elements of student finance you may be able to apply for. Full time and Part time students can apply for tuition fee loans and Post Graduate students are now eligible for the tuition fee loans.
  • Check your welfare benefit entitlement - our team can assist you with funding applications, such as the Hardship Fund.
  • Supplement your loan with a part-time job by visiting the Job Shop on the first floor of the Union.


Academic Issues

Your education is important.That’s why it is vital that you get organised and stay on top of your work. We are here to help if you feel that you are on the wrong course, have problems affecting your studies or wish to make a complaint or academic appeal. We can help guide and advise you through the maze of University regulations and procedures.

Top Tips

  • Remember your deadlines - allow plenty of time to complete essays/revision.
  • Read the student handbook carefully - it contains all the rules and regulations for exams, essays and more.
  • Balance your education and social life - whilst you don’t want your degree to suffer at the expense of your social life, it’s important to take time out to relax. Just keep the balance right.
  • Don’t let things get on top of you - there’s loads of support available so don’t suffer in silence.

For a full list of Academic Issues - please click here.



Whether you’re in University acommodation or private housing we can advise you on your rights regarding repairs, contractual issues, return of deposits and safety issues. Don’t forget to speak to us when house hunting to make sure you get a safe and value for money, property. We will also check your contract before you sign, giving you hints and tips on what questions to ask.

Top Tips

  • Choose your housemates carefully - remember you’ll be living with these people for at least a year.
  • Head over to the HullSTARS website to check out what previous students thought of their student acommodation.
  • Visit the property - what sounds good on paper may not be so good in real life. Take a look for yourself and ask about anything you are not sure of.
  • Read your contract carefully - we can check your tenancy agreement if there is anything that you are unsure of Check your Housing leaflet available from the Advice Centre on the thirs floor of the Union.