Vice-President Scarborough

Si Hernandez
Vice-President Scarborough

Si leads the Scarborough Union and ensures that Scarborough students are fairly represented. He heads the Scarborough exec team to make sure students at Scarborough have the same experience as those in Hull.

"I first came to the Scarborough campus in 2011 to study Popular Music and instantly fell in love with the place. Being able to live by the sea and see the seafront lit up at night when walking back never gets old. It was such a welcoming environment, everyone was friendly and helpful and this made it easy to get involved. After volunteering as a Course Rep and then being elected as the campus Education Officer, I decided to run for the VP Scarborough position. After the announcement of the transition, I really wanted to give something back and help to keep the student experience in Scarborough during this time of change. Whether it is training our Course Reps, running RAG events, or coordinating social events, it really is a role with a lot of variety.


This role has opened up a range of new doors for me. With my experience so far, I know this is something I would like to pursue long term, either working in SU representation or student experience. The fact you’re able to impact change is amazing. You’re able to see an idea come to life and have a positive impact on students. This is what makes it worthwhile."