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    Student-led Teaching Awards Shortlist: 2017

    posted: 23rd March 2017, 12:00pm
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    Overall Outstanding Achievement Award

    This will be awarded to an outstanding member of University staff who stands out as exceptional and has developed the all-round student experience. This staff member has worked above and beyond expectations to make a positive impact or has overcome challenges to achieve success. The nominee will help students feel part of the university or has undertaken extraordinary initiatives to enhance aspects of the student experience.

    Dr Matt Beech

    Dr Tim Scott

    Dr Jay Wadhawan

    Dr Jacquie White


    Innovative Teaching Award

    An innovative teacher will explore new methods of teaching, proactively engaging with students in different ways. They may use new forms of technology that facilitate effective learning or they may undertake creative teaching styles that promote a positive learning experience. It might be that the content of the module is new and exciting or that it is communicated in a unique way, such as through Canvas or podcasts. An innovative teacher might encourage students to work or think in different ways. The feedback might be delivered to students under a new format or the assessment methods might encourage students to work in a new, interesting way.

    Dr Katharine Hubbard

    Lisa Revell

    Dr Michael Varney

    Dr Nigel Young


    Best Module Award

    An outstanding module will be well resourced, well organised and will have high quality teaching. Students will know what is expected of them and the module will help them to perform to the best of their academic abilities. Students will enjoy studying the module because they find the content interesting, the staff that deliver the module are particularly outstanding or the module is relevant to employability. There may be excellent access to resources such as books, eBooks or Canvas content and the communication with students should be clear and concise.

    Prof Lord Norton of Louth

    Prof Joy Porter

    Dr Michael Varney

    Prof Christopher Wilson


    Best Feedback Award

    Excellent feedback will be substantial, fair and constructive. It will formatively enable students to learn and improve. Great feedback will motivate students to understand what they’ve done well, where they have gone wrong and communicate clearly how they can improve. Feedback should be timely, clear and legible. The winner of this award might go above and beyond to provide students will additional feedback and support. They might use innovative feedback mechanisms which actively engage students.

    Aidan Hurley

    Prof Gerry Johnstone

    Justin Morris

    Louise Quesnel


    Best Supervisor Award

    This award is for academic support tutors (previously Personal Supervisors), dissertation supervisors or research supervisors that promote a fantastic student experience. They will be approachable, accessible but also proactive in offering help and support for students. They will be highly adept in resolving a range of student issues as well as offering excellent personal development opportunities for students. A well-developed ability to communicate is paramount to this individual being rewarded.

    Dr David Benoit

    Dr Simon Desbruslais

    Dr Sarah James

    Dr Philip King


    Admin and Support Staff Award

    This award will be given to a non-academic member of staff. The nominee might be extremely helpful and supportive in dealing with questions or concerns from students or gifted in delivering and communicating outcomes that improve the student experience. This award could be given to an unsung hero, someone that is friendly, approachable and cares about students. It could also be given to someone behind the scenes that facilitates processes that have an invaluable impact of the lives of students.

    Jules Cornes

    Robert Costello

    Angie Lead

    Diane Odling


    Central Services Staff Award

    This will be an award for any member of staff in central services that has supported you or gone that extra mile. This may be someone from the careers service, skills team, advice centre or any member of staff within the university or Hull University Union that has made an impact on your student experience. There is no limit to this award and this may, like the previous award, be someone that works behind the scenes to improve the student experience.

    Jules Cornes

    Dr Moira Graham

    Joe Hancock

    Dr Alison Price-Moir


    Postgraduates’ Choice Award

    This award recognises that postgraduate provision and the postgraduate student experience is often very different to that of an undergraduate. This award will be given to an exceptional member of University staff that teaches, supports or supervises postgraduate students. They will engage and inspire postgraduates to perform to their potential and/or they will go above and beyond to support Postgraduates at the University of Hull.

    Dr Michela Baldo

    Adele Duffield

    Dr Simon Lee

    Dr Sumona Mukhuty

    Inspiring Teaching Award

    The inspiring teaching award will be given to an exceptional member of teaching staff who demonstrates an ability to communicate content so it becomes interesting or relevant, having a transformative impact on the student experience. Their passion for good teaching will motivate students to perform to their full academic potential. The feedback they give to students will be developmental and enable students to learn and improve. The teacher will immerse students in the module, providing them the opportunity to think differently or critically. The teacher may be an expert in their area and inspire students with up to date research led teaching. The teacher may go out of their way to help students, acknowledging that some students need extra support.

    Dr Peter Bazira

    Dr Antonio Malfense Fierro

    Prof John Greenman

    Sarah Hatfield

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