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    Scarborough - The Final Level: Start

    posted: 12th October 2016, 12:00pm
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    Welcome back! So here we are, this is it, the big one. After what has hopefully been a great summer, it’s time to get stuck in. Now it’s no secret that we had a challenging year last year. There were ups, downs and lots of changes, but this year, the only way we'll be moving is forwards!


    With the final year of the transition upon us, there will undoubtedly be some changes that will be taking place. We’ve said goodbye to some but we’ve also been able to welcome some new additions to our Scarborough family, including our new Scarborough Exec team.


    Becky Porter – Education Officer (

    Lana Goldthorpe – Welfare Officer (

    Joe Barker – Community Officer (

    Sam Hoyle – Equality & Diversity Officer (

    James Lamb – Sports Officer (

    Bernhard Budin – Campaigns Officer (


    Every year we elect part-time officers to oversee everything HUU in Scarborough, and it makes me happy that we still have passionate people who want to create positive change. At our recent team training session, we spoke about how to best work this year and agreed a group objective:


    “Having a great final year, whilst being adaptive and supportive to all.”


    But what does this mean?


    It means that now more than ever, we have to focus on what Scarborough has always done best; being the personal, friendly campus by the sea. We’ve never been about the big city experience, but how many times can you walk down a corridor and not see at least three people you know?! It’s this that made me fall in love with the place five years ago; which seems both like a lifetime ago and yesterday! We have to come together to keep our community feel. Let’s work together to make this year great, and go out with a bang!


    If we can help you with academic representation, let’s do it. I’m always here in the student union or at the end of an email.


    If there’s a trip you want to go on and it’s not in our events calendar, let’s do it. We don’t always need thirty people on a coach to make something a success, we’re happy helping out groups big and small.


    A friend recently told me about the story of the star fish covered beach (Google it, I’m not that soppy to put it here)! But the moral of the story is that we might not be able to change everything for everyone, but if we can offer each person who needs us a helping hand, we should be good!


    And with that, let’s get on with the show!


    See you soon,



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